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We love Funday Sunday, it’s the day when NSW public transport cap their prices on travel to anywhere in the state of NSW to $2.50 each. All you need is an opal card and you are on your way!

This last Sunday I decided to hop on the train and take advantage of the NSW state rails $2.50 deal and go to the Sydney Caravan, Camping and Lifestyle Expo. The Expo runs for four days every year, at Olympic Park, Sydney and is such a great chance to check out everything Caravaning and Camping. I have been to one in Newcastle, I wrote about it here, and was pretty excited to see what the Sydney Expo had to offer.

Check out my YouTube Video on the Expo! Click here

The weekend had been full of rain, and I was a bit worried of its impact on the expo. I need not have been worried most of the exhibits were either in the big exhibit halls or under the awnings or gazebos, and when it did rain it was more of a drizzle then a downpour, so checking all the goodies they had on display was easy! and there was plenty of items that made travelling easier! Also on display was an enormous amount of tourist based companies, tourist boards and tourist parks all promoting what they had to offer.

Everything you need, (and stuff that you probably don’t need…. but are cool to look at), are available at the Expo. Exhibits of tents and their accessories are all on display, most with willing sales people available to show you how everything works. I particularly loved looking through these sites and seeing if I could find any handy items that are new to me. I also loved to see the new style Bell tent that is now used for clamping. We used to use these in the girls guides and they looked nothing like the one on display!

Many types of camper trailers are also on display. Right from the soft floor options to the fully automated hard floor models. Some companies also offer a chance to see them set up and put down, so that you can see how it happens in real life. I had aspirations once of getting a camper trailer, it was at one of the type of expos that I realised that they weren’t for me! ( too hard to set up for one person).

The main draw card, the biggest exhibitor section was the Caravan and Campervan area. Hundreds and hundreds of different Vans were on display…it was very overwhelming for me! Each company seemed to have their own draw card, their signature item in which they felt made them different from the others and most were offering “show deals” To be honest I’m not really into Caravans but if you are there seemed to be so many that if you couldn’t find one that you liked then I’m guess you are pretty hard to please!

I didn’t spend my hard earned cash on anything this time…but I do have my eye on a sweet mini Van by Euro Caravans  I think it will be just right for me and the little kids, and will be something that I will be able to use on my solo trips just perfectly! I don’t think I could ever fully give up camping but to be able to have a small van that offers protection from the elements would be awesome!

So overall the Sydney Caravan Camping and Lifestyle expo was defiantly worth the trip down on the train for!

Click here to see my YouTube Video on the Expo!

What: Sydney Caravan Camping and Lifestyle Expo, Sydney Olympic Park.

When: 3rd to 6th of November 2018

How Much?: Adult $22 Concession: $18 Under 12years: Free

Need to know: Public Transport is so convenient.. Train and bus is right a the door, lots of exhibitors have specials especially for the expo, plenty of food and coffee venues, there was kids area to keep the family busy with jumping castle and entertainment, buy tickets online for a discount or at the door.

The Caravan and Camping Industry Association NSW run two more Expos throughout the year… The next is in Newcastle in February 2018 followed by their Super show at Rosehill Gardens in April 2018 check out their Website for more!


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12 thoughts on “Funday Sunday: The Sydney Caravan, Camping and Lifestyle Expo.

  • Vanessa

    Oh I wanted to go to the recent show like this in Brisbane but I had other plans that weekend. I still have no idea what form of travel I’ll like these days but I am slowly saving so I can start again. I know camping is great for budgets but I’m not sure it has the conveniences needed for some personal factors (health stuff for husband and dog).

    • Post author

      Camping is great for the budget but you are right sometimes not great for people with health issues. Maybe cabins in caravan parks are more for you guys!

  • Deborah

    I hate the outdoors and camping and stuff but have a #vanlife fetish so love the small caravan at the end and would so love something like that. However… I think I like the idea of it more than the practicality of having to travel and prepare for trips, live without a toilet and so forth! :-/ #teamlovinlife

  • Kathy Marris

    We normally go to our local Caravan and Camping Expo every year. I brings on severe caravan or camperhome envy, so I’m not sure whether it’s a sensible thing to do! But yes it is a great day out. #TeamLovinLife

  • Joanne Tracey

    I have fantasies about camping and caravanning, and love shows like these. I can easily weave everything into a life that we don’t really have – and that’s the fun part for me. And yes, Sunday Fundays are the best. #TeamLovinLife