How I survived two travel expos in one day…with kids!

Both the Caravan, Camping and Holiday show AND the Travel show were on at the same time in February! There was no way I could not go to one without the other, so what did I do?….I went to both in one day…with four of the kids!!!!

caravan, camping, holiday show 2016

I think I was slightly crazy! It was going to be a long, long, long day and I had to be prepared If we were all going to survive and not have any melt downs (possibly from me!)

Here is how we lived to tell the tale!!


Before we left, I made a scavenger hunt list, containing about 15 items that (I hoped!) we would find at the Caravan show and gave them a marker pen to check them off.

I let them collect all the merchandise they wanted, even though I loath balloons and those beach balls are still causing chaos in my house! (I threaten to pop them a least once a day!)

Having their own cameras gave them the opportunity to take videos and photos of whatever they wanted, and leave my camera alone.

The kids had free range when it came to climbing in, climbing on, asking questions, sampling and opening things, as long as they were respectful to the sales people and their products it was all good!

We hunted down the most expensive item we could find!!! Surprisingly it wasn’t the caravan with the four tv’s (including one in the bathroom) but a motorhome that came with a $3590 bonus pack which made it so much more affordable!!!!


We packed snacks and lunch to keep us going, and the frozen coke bribe didn’t hurt either!

At the travel expo the kids picked a destination they were interested in, and gathered as much information as they wanted.

They also collect more merchandise … AHHH!


At the end of the day we had survived with no melt downs (well none from me anyway!),and had been inspired to Travel even more.

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