My 2018 travel goals! 6

While most people set themselves new year resolutions focussed on stuff like eating healthy, getting fit etc my goals are more aimed at where I would like to travel!

Here is my travel goals for 2018

Camping and hiking in Mount Kosciozko.

Mount Kosciozko is Australia’s highest peak on the mainland, and has been on my list to hike for a while. It shouldn’t be too much of a challenge being a day hike but it is something that I would love to complete. The plan is that as many of my immediate family members and my sisters family come to hike it in March before it gets to cold and starts to snow.

Commonwealth games.

We were lucky to get allocated some tickets to six events at this years commonwealth games on the Gold Coast in April. A camping spot has been booked and with only some of the finer details to be dealt with we seem to be prepared to see some of the best athletes compete against each other in April!

Camping and Skiing at Perisher.

We have purchased Epic passes for this season at Perisher resort. This means that we can ski all season so we are going to make the most of it, hopefully staying down there for a couple of weeks straight. We will camp again like we did last year it is so much cheaper then staying anywhere else on the mountain.

Overnight Hike.

I am determined that this is the year that we do a least one overnight hike! With the youngest child finally loving to hike, I think we are ready to tackle a short overnight hike to start of with. Maybe in the Royal National Park or somewhere closer to home.

Solo travel

With the younger kids spending half their time with their father and the older girls busy with work and their social lives, I am finding myself taking the opportunity to travel solo, and I kinda like it. I looking at different ways I can set up the van temporally for solo travel and look forward to travelling more this year.

Some time away with my Mother and Sister.

I am very hopeful that I can go away for at least a weekend with my Mother and Sister. It didn’t happen last year ( although we did go to Fiji with all the family) and it would be nice to spend time just with them both.

Long weekend in Melbourne.

I won tickets to 3 local museums in Melbourne from Kid town Melbourne and the younger two kids are hoping to be able to visit the Lego Discovery Centre and Artvo. This gives us an excuse to travel to Melbourne on a 4 day long weekend trip and probably go with my sister, her son and possibly mum.

Skiing in Canada or America.

As part of the Epic pass with Perisher you also get lift passes to some affiliated resorts in Canada and America. The plan is to go either at the end of this year or beginning of 2019 depending on how the season is and when I can take the youngest two overseas to ski. I am excited to be able to ski oversea again!

Camping and weekend adventures.

Of course it go without saying that we will have plenty of camping trips and weekend adventures. .. its our favourite type of travel!


Do you set yourself travel goals?

Where are you hoping to travel to this year?

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6 thoughts on “My 2018 travel goals!

  • Kylie

    Love all your 2018 travel goals. My tick off the 2018 bucket list would be an overnight hike, that is my main goal, to be fit enough to do it, to be able to carry everything and survive the night, and also share the experience with my sister. ❤️ Should be fun

  • Kristie

    You’ll love Kosciuszko! It’s so beautiful in the summer! I have a few travel goals but the biggest two are hiking Mt Bogong in March – huge day hike to the tallest mountain in Victoria! And traveling overseas for the first time! Hoping to head to Fiji later in the year for our anniversary…

  • Sydney Shop Girl

    I’m not friends with the great outdoors, Kathy so my goals are completely different to yours, I’m afraid. I’d like to get to Europe this year or the next. Nowhere specific, just a place that would work with my good friend whom I have traveled with often.

    SSG xxx

  • Min@WriteoftheMiddle

    Those are fabulous travel goals! If you get to do all of those this year then you will be very lucky. I am to travel to at least one place this year that I’ve never been before. I try to do that each year these days. #TeamLovinLife

  • Kathy Marris

    Oh yes I’m definitely a travel bucket list organiser. I still have ten or more destinations on my bucket list and I’m hoping to get to most of the places sooner or later. You have a very busy 2018 planned and you will absolutely love Canada in 2019 for skiing. I’ve been here twice and loved the place. #TeamLovinLife

  • Venus

    You are going to have a very busy year! I love planning our holidays but my husband doesn’t have as Mapuche time off as I do so it gets tricky. We already have a family cruise booked, and are looking forward to a Bali trip to stay on an island and we would love to do more bushwalking and exploring locally.