Camping at the snow at The Kosciuszko Tourist Park. 12

Yes… you read that right!

This year we camped down the snow at the Kosciuszko Tourist Park for our annual ski trip…

and it was awesome!

With money a little tight this year there was a worry that we would have to forego this years ski trip. I couldn’t let that happen, we absolutely love skiing, so I got to work looking for some cheap accommodation that had everything we needed. I came across this brilliant camp ground.. the Kosciuszko Tourist Park. (Some people might know about it as Sawpit creek) At $105 for three nights /two adults it definitely fit the bill budget wise!! While the price was the major draw card we found out that it had so much more to offer.

Camp Kitchen:

When it comes to caravan parks a camp kitchen is of major importance. It means that we don’t have to cook at the tent, it means that we have shelter when the weather is bad and it means that we get to socialise with a variety of interesting like minded people. The camp Kitchen at the Kosciuszko Tourist Park ticks all the boxes and is one of the best we have ever stayed at! It has not only two stove tops but two ovens (a rarity), all the crockery, cutlery and cooking equipment you would ever need, a fridge, a inside BBQ, a TV, lounges and an amazing fireplace (bring your own / buy wood to burn). It was a hub of activity for people to commune and catch up on all the events of the day… we meet some amazing people and it was great to unwind and have a chat after a hard day on the slopes.


 Proximity to Perisher (see our post on Perisher here)

With the Tourist park being inside the National Parks, the sealed road to Perisher ski resort is just outside your door. It is only 14km till you are on the snow ready to make some turns down the mountain or at the end of the day you will be down the mountain and having your first sip of wine in no time!

Campfires /Wildlife / Nature:

The location of the park is within the Kosciuszko National Park so the surroundings are probably one of my favourite aspects of this spot. Surrounded by bush, Australian animals are abundant. Kangaroos, Possums and a variety of native birds visit the area and the park is close to many bush walks that would be awesome to explore in the warmer months. One thing that surprised me was the fact that even though the Kosciuszko Tourist Park is in the National Park you can have a campfire in winter! It was so nice to come home and sit around a campfire right next to your campsite.

Variety of accommodation options:

Even though we camped in an unpowered campsite.. there was many cheap options for accomadation. Powered Caravan and Camping sites, 2 and 3 bedroom chalets and Cedar cabins are all on offer all at a reasonable price… and some even had spas!

Hot showers

We judge a camp site base on a variety of aspects including how good the showers are… are they always hot? Are they clean? Do they have a strong stream? I am happy to report that these showers are brilliant! …  after  a big day of skiing and are camping we didn’t want to get out of them in a hurry!


Where: Kosciuszko Tourist Park, Kosciuszko Rd, Jindabyne NSW 2627 (inside the National Parks gates!)

Need to know: The park is halfway between Jindabyne and Perisher, be prepared for very cold weather in winter including snow!, fire wood can be purchased from office as well as other small essential items, don’t leave food out… the possums will get into it!, there is very limited phone reception.


Would you  or have you ever camped in the snow?

Safe travels


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12 thoughts on “Camping at the snow at The Kosciuszko Tourist Park.

  • Vanessa

    I’ve only ever camped a few times when at school/girl guides and never in the snow 🙂 I think a good hot shower would be essential haha. It sounds like they have a great set up in the camp kitchen. I guess my only “thing” is that the end of the day is alone time for me, so I’m not sure I’d want to use a communal kitchen when it’s my “no talking to people” time. But not everyone gets peopled out as much as I do!

    • Post author

      The camp kitchen was awesome… I know what you are saying about the “alone time” and “peopled out” situation.. one of my older girls is very much like that.

  • Alicia O'Brien

    Wow, this sounds so awesome. We are camping for a few nights over New years down by the beach. No camp kitchen in sight though. $4 a person and the only amenity is a drop dunny or two! The location far makes up for it.

  • Denyse

    That is a wonderful alternative for people such as yourselves isn’t it? I skiied in my teens as part of a teachers’ college social club and we stayed in a lodge in Thredbo. I loved it. However, I married a non-cold loving person so that went as a holiday idea. Beach it is for us.
    Thanks for linking up for #lifethisweek 37/52. Next Week: Movies. It’s up to you how you might interpret that one!

    • Post author

      It was a brilliant place to stay for us. What amazing memories you must have from your skiing trips down in Thredbo, pity your hubby loves the warmth!