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The alarm went off waking me from my slumber. Struggling to open my eyes I hit the snooze button before rolling back over. It was too early,  3.45am to be exact.

In a haze I remembered why I had set the alarm so early. We were going to explore the great sand dunes of the Worimi Conservation Lands.

Sitting up promptly I quickly got dressed and turned to wake the kids, who had yet to stir. Bending down and whispering in their ears failed to get the result I wanted, but softly shaking their shoulders soon had them looking at me with bleary eyes.

After the rough start we soon found ourselves negotiating the car through the foggy streets of Anna Bay till we reached our meeting point. Greeting us were other tired looking people…some new friends that we have made through Instagram. We may have been still very groggy but we were all very much looking forward to what our friendly guide from 4WDtoursrus was going to show us on this mornings adventure.

In our all terrain vehicle we made our way down to the shoreline, bumping along over the soft sand to get there. There was an eerie glow beginning to develop as the sun slowly began to show itself, the waves beginning to reveal themselves through the darkness.

Before too long we had reached our destination. A ramshackle group of dwellings, reminiscent of Luke Skywalkers home planet, stood before us. Tin City is steeped in history, dating back to the 1800’s when it was a place of solace for shipwrecked Sailors through to the depression where it was a place for the displaced, to the present time where a handful of people still live a simple life. An interesting and unique place with an amazing story.

The kids and I took off to explore. Hiking up the dunes behind Tin City we watched as the sun continued to rise, constantly changing the colours of the sand around us. We moved further and further over the dunes, climbing higher and higher, at times I lost sight of my daughter as she moved over the undulating hills. Finally we reached the last dune and turned just in time to witness the sun fully appear and bask us in its beauty.

We took some time to watch and appreciate the moment, grateful to be part of this experience.

With our time at Tin City coming to a close we made our way down towards our guide, who revealed to us our next plans. We were to head back along the beach, dodging the waves till we reached the dunes in which we were going to sand board on.

Taking our boards under our arms we climbed, yet another, sand dune. This time it wasn’t to admire the view but to slide down, with only our hands to use as brakes. Some of the group were not keen, while the kids and I, after our previous sand boarding experience, were first in line to give a go. The rush of flying down the dune with the anticipation of how the ride was going to end cannot be beat. Finding sand in every crevice of your body is a small price to pay for the exhilaration of sand boarding.

And then, too soon, our time in Worimi Conservation lands (Stockton Beach) was over. It was only 7.30am but our morning had been filled with nature,history,beautiful views and an awesome adventure.

What: Sand dune tour with 4wd tours r us.

Where: Anna Bay, NSW, Australia

How much: $60 per Adults, $40 children

Need to know: Our Tour was a special tour for an Instagram meet up. The tour isn’t generally offered but they do run day tours and sunset tours. Make sure you take your camera as there is plenty of opportunities to take some amazing pics!, put on sunscreen, take some water, be prepared for all weather, make sure you have a try at the sand boarding!

Have you explored the sand dunes of Stockton? Do you want to try Sand boarding?

Safe travels


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