Kids recommend: Sand boarding at Little Sahara, Kangaroo Island. 12

Each month I ask the kids what their favourite traveling experiences have been so far while travelling with Mum!


This month I asked Jay ( 10years old)

Whats one of the experiences you have loved so far?

I loved Tobogganing down the sand while we were on Kangaroo Island.I really liked it because there was so many places you could go. You could go on a board or a toboggan. If you go on a toboggan you can go with more then one person, like your mum and sister.

Why should others go?

Because its fun.. and because you can stay for a long time and fill in your day!


While researching for our stay on Kangaroo Island I came across this really cool activity… Sand boarding at Little Sahara and I knew that we had to give it a try!

As we approached the entrance of the sand dunes I got a sense of worry.. the dunes were so large! The kids were still keen so we approached the friendly staff to get all the info and to grab our toboggan. We chose to get one toboggan that we could share between the three of us, none of us felt we were keen to give the stand up boards a try… we probably would have ended up landing on our rear ends too many times!!

After we collected our toboggan and special wax, we took the short walk to the base of the dunes. The kids didn’t hesitate and ran up the closest dune ready to meet the challenge of  toboganing and before long we were whizzing down the sand hanging on for dear life! With so many different slopes to choose from we could challenge ourselves as much as we wanted or take it easy cruising down the smaller slopes, but be warned… spills are inevitable and collecting sand in every crevice of your body will happen!!! Keep you mouth closed!!!

The views from the top of the sand dunes are breathtaking and go on forever, if you are really enthusiastic you can walk even further to other dunes. We were quiet happy staying on the front dunes because literally the hardest part of the whole experience was walking up and dragging the board along behind. It is a work out for your whole body! Luckily we arrived first thing in the morning before the heat of the day warmed up the sand too much, this also meant that we weren’t battling others for space.

After two hours, multiple slides, multiple tumbles and sore legs we left the Sand boarding site at Little Sahara filled to the bring with memories of this new experience! We loved it so much that we are planning on going again at Stockton in the near future!

Where:  South Coast Road | Vivonne BayKangaroo Island, South Australia 5223, Australia

How Much: All Sand boards and Toboggans are $37 each for two hours… awesome value!!

Where we stayed: Discovery Lagoon at Kangaroo Island check out my blog post on it here!

Need to know: Go early so it doesn’t get too hot up on the dunes, Keep your mouth closed, be prepared to tumble… keep an eye on the kids to make sure that they don’t go too high up the dune, an Adult and child can fit comfortably on the toboggan, they are hard to control once they start to go fast, you can leave your shoes down near the main entrance or you can take them up with you, go to the bathroom before you head out… its a bit far away once you get up there! check out their website for more!

Have you ever been sand boarding / tobogganing?

Where did you go?

Safe Travels


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