Why we ski at Perisher Ski resort – a Review

As we drive along the road heading to Jindabyne the kids peer out through the window looking for the snow on the mountains.

It’s a game they play every year, to see who can find it first, who will be the winner.

After years of travelling this road, I know where to first spot it, and as I drive up the rise of the hill, I wait for the inevitable squeals of delight as one the children catches site of it, the mountains reaching high into the sky, blanketed in white. That is how much they love the snow and skiing.


Every year we have skied in Australia, for the past 15 years, we have skied at Perisher ski resort. Why don’t we try somewhere else? Why does Perisher draw us back every time?


Driving into the carpark of Perisher a smile crosses my face. It feels like home, I have many memories attached to this place, memories of skiing as a teenager with friends and trying to get sunglasses marks,memories of being proposed to, and memories of introducing each of my children to this mountain and watching them take their first slides down the hill.


Perisher has a sense of familiarity to it. I know it’s runs, it’s twists and turns, it’s drops and slopes. I know where to take the kids when they are first learning to ski, I know where to go when the wind starts to blow and the weather turns bad.


I love the people of Perisher. The lifties always have a smile on their face, ready to join in on a joke and offer a helpful hand to the kids, while the ski instructors, with their accents from all over the globe, demonstrate the patience of saints while teaching the smallest of our family.


The terrain of Perisher is vast, spanning over 3076 acres, over mountains, through valleys and across four very different resorts, all covered by the one pass. We have skied it all. With Perisher offering so many runs for all abilities, we can always find one to either challenge us or offer us a cruisy, easy ride to the bottom of the hill.


But the main reason we love Perisher is for the marshmallow topped, creamy, piping hot chocolates that we treat ourselves to every morning at Mid Station. For $2.50 It’s a tradition that’s starts our day off nicely and keeps us going all day!


Where?: Perisher Ski Resort

How much?: Prices vary depending how many days, whether you package with lessons  or accomodation and your age. Check on website or talk to Perisher ticket sales to find what best suits you!

Where we stayed: Jindabyne Holiday Park

Need to know: Tickets can be purchased online, in Jindabyne or at the ski fields, the ski tube accesses the mountain from Bullocks flat, you can ski from one resort to the other and the views from Mount Perisher are gorgeous!

Where is your favourite Ski resort? Why?

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