New Year Travel Goals! 22

2016 has come to an end.

Its the year that gave us quiet a few adventures, some that took us overseas and others that were just down the road!

See ya 2016!

But now I’m looking forward to what the new Year is going to bring and have set some travel goals.
Here they are….

Kangaroo Island, South Australia

The two younger kids and I are going to travel to Adelaide and Kangaroo Island to camp ( that’s if I book it… planning on going in two weeks!) Its going to be a bit challenging because we will fly there and so have to carry what camping gear we will need, within weight restrictions and we will be hiring a car something I have never done! We are looking forward to hopefully swimming with the wild dolphins and sand tobogganing and maybe a trip to Adelaide zoo.

Family trip.

Hopefully we will be traveling together with our extended family, possibly in March, to a destination that hasn’t yet been determined!! Our last extended family trip was on a cruise to Moreton Island, and we all had a great time, so this trip should also be fun.

Weekend away in Sydney.

As part of their Christmas present from me, the older girls got a night away in Sydney and Harbour Bridge climb. When this will happen all depends of work commitments and the girls planned adventures! I really looking forward to this weekend, spending time with the older girls is becoming fleeting.

Overnight Hike

We have a major travel goal of hiking the Overland trek in Tasmania and if that is going to happen then we had better start training!!! We were going to go on our first Overnight hike in 2016, but the weekends started to fill up and then a couple of days before the planned time, Ivy broke her arm! So this year its going to happen…probably to The basin Campground in the Ku-Ring-Gai chase National park, not too challenging but a start!

Good morning 2017

Weekend away with my Mother and Sister.

I really enjoyed spending time with my Sis and Mum down in Melbourne this year that I am definitely planning on spending time away with them again this year, i just don’t know when and don’t know where!

Cockatoo Island for New Years Eve

We have camped before on Cockatoo Island in Sydney and if we aren’t skiing (see below) I would love to camp on Cockatoo island for New Years Eve 2017, the view of the fireworks would be amazing and the experience would be unforgettable!

Skiing overseas.

I love my home country of Australia, but with the way the climate is, our winter and therefore our ski season is going to crap. For 2017 the plan is to ski either in Japan, America or back in Canada, obviously at the end of the year or possibly in the first couple of months of 2018, when the Northern hemisphere is in Winter.

Camping trips and the South Coast.

Of course there will be spontaneous camping trips, some maybe even solo and travelling to my favourite place down the South Coast, that’s a given!

Looking forward to 2017

Now just to work towards these goals!!

Thanks for everyone who supported me in 2016, I hope you stick around in 2017!!!!

What’s your travel goals?

Safe Travels


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22 thoughts on “New Year Travel Goals!

  • Anne

    Looks like you have lots of things planned for next year. I have a long list of places I want to visit and hopefully I will be checking some of the off this year!

  • Jacq

    Our next travel goal is Adelaide and the great ocean road! ? Cheers to making our travel plans happen! xx Happy new year!


  • kristin

    We have some big travel goals this year too. We are driving across the US in a giant RV with our four small kids and a giant dog, (and possibly a Grammie and another dog.)

  • Anne@gritandgiggles

    It sounds like you’ve got plenty of adventures planned. We were talking of a trip up the Cape this year and there will hopefully be some camping over the cooler months. I know I will visit family at some stage but nothing is concrete.

  • Alicia O'Brien

    You have some great trips planned already.
    We really should do Kangaroo Island one of these days. I know we are going to QLD (hubby want to do the theme parks), and I think we are going back to Lake Mountain ski resort in Victoria.

    Where I am going to have a break away on my own I am not sure, but the alone time is going to be glorious!

    • Post author

      I have never heard of Lake Mountain ski resort, might have to check it out! Thanks for dropping by!

  • Linda [In An Unguarded Moment]

    Hi Kerrie! What an awesome array of travel goals and destinations! I hope you get to realise as many of them as you can this year. I’m not a huge traveler, more a home-body, but I do have some places I’d really like to visit one day (Italy, France, New Zealand, Hawaii, various places around Australia). I have a phobia of flying, so going anywhere on a plane is always interesting (and not nice for the person sitting next to me). I haven’t been out of Australia yet…. one day! Happy New Year!

    • Post author

      Flying is actually one of my fears as well, lucky I always have a child’s hand to squeeze as we are taking off! I really hope you go to visit your dreams destinations, they are all awesome places! Thanks for dropping by!

  • Deborah

    Oh, some great goals there. I haven’t done much travel in years and NZ last year (and Gold Coast for a blogging thing) were my only trips. There were none (other than to Brisbane to see family) the two years preceding that.

    Sadly finances are a bit of a problem for me nowadays and impact on my ability to do much / any travel but I’m keen to do a road trip in the next year – probably somewhere inland here in Queensland; and maybe Sydney / Byron / Melbourne for a writing festival!

  • Min@WriteoftheMiddle

    What great travel plans you have for the year. I love having something to look forward to but must admit I haven’t really given it as much thought as you! I have this thing lately where I like to at least go to one new place each year that I have never been before. More than one would be much better though!! Happy New Year! #TeamLovinLife

    • Post author

      I love the idea of at least one new place a year! Good luck with whatever travel plans you have this year!

  • Kathy Marris

    It’s great to have some travel goals for the year ahead. We are doing a Mediterranean Cruise followed by 3 weeks in Italy, a couple of weeks in Vietnam and Laos and a few weekends away in our caravan to Northern NSW and Sunshine Coast. I would love to see Kangaroo Island, but that is on the agenda for 2018! #TeamLovinLife