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Once a month I am going to ask the kids what there favourite experiences while travelling have been so far.

This month I asked Jay (9 years old).

What is one of the experiences you have loved so far? 

When I was four we went to Tasmania and did a big hike around Cradle Mountian. It was a big walk but really beautiful. I remember throwing stones in the lake.

Why should other do it?

It is so beautiful there, it isn’t too hard.

cradle mountain tasmania

As a prepared for our trip to Tasmania, my focus was on our visit and hike at Cradle Mountain – Lake St Clair National Park. Memories, that was what was driving me, memories of visiting with my family, the vastness and beauty of the area and the hike we had completed around Dove lake.

cradle mountain

When we finally arrived at the entrance of the National Park, I had a sudden fear wash over me. What if it wasn’t a grand as I had remembered, what happens if the kids are disappointed in what was before them, especially after I had spoken so highly of this place and what if the hike is too much for a four and 18 month year old, let alone an unfit me and the girls?

My fears were uncalled for.

cradle mountian

As we entered the park my fears washed away as I caught a glimpse of the huge monolith protruding into the sky surrounded by the gorgeous waters of Dove Lake. Determined to make this a day to remember, I had geared ourselves with every imaginable snack and plenty of water as well batteries fully charged in the camera, setting out with the crew early in the morning, allowing us all day to walk around the Dove Lake Circuit if needed.

cradle mountain

The circuit meandered along through various terrains, along boardwalks and dirt tracks and through forests so thick and green I felt like I was in a fairytale, waiting for magical creatures to appear. As we walked along, Cradle Mountain towered over us casting shadows across the lake constantly reminding us of its presence.

cradle mountain

Along the way we found many small coves adjoining the track, places to have a rest, refuell and let a little one out of a backpack! This of course made the journey longer, but we had all the time in the world and none of us were in any rush to leave this awe inspiring place, its beauty had an impact on us.

cradle mountain

As the circuit came to an end and we climbed the last hill to conclude the hike, I felt a bit of sadness wash over me, a realisation that we had we finished what was one of our main reasons for coming to Tasmania, but at the same time I knew we would return, that this was just a very small beginning to our adventures here in the National park, and that next time our hike would be bigger, longer and more strenuous.

cradle mountain

Next time it will be the Overland trek a six day, 65km hike.

Where: Dove Lake Circuit, Cradle Mountain – Lake St Clair National Park, Tasmania.

How much: Being a National Park passes need to be purchased before entering (there is a visitors centre at the gates) and this price includes the shuttle bus to transport you to Dove Lake. These passes are priced according to what you require for the stay in Tasmania, maybe buying an all parks pass will best meet your requirements. See the above website for more information.

Where we stayed: We camped at the Discovery holiday park for 5 nights.

Need to know: The Park pass includes the shuttle which takes you through the park to Dove Lake, The hike is 2 hours but we took about 4 hours with our breaks and Jays little legs!, I have seen reviews since we have done it suggesting that you do the hike in reverse so the big hill isn’t at the end, there are many walks in the area so stay for a couple of days, do not be one of the many people that catch the shuttle bus in, take photos and leave…. please take the time to walk this hike.. you will not regret it!

dove lake

Have you been to Cradle Mountain?

Have you hiked the Overland Track? Tell me what I’m in for!

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4 thoughts on “Kids recommend- Cradle Mountain Tasmania

  • Julie

    Love the photos! That so sweet that you ask your kids about their favorite memories. What a great way to learn what stands out for them. I’m sure they all have different take aways from your travels. This hike sounds amazing. I’ve never been to Tasmania but would love to one day go.