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Four days before we were to leave for Japan there was an earthquake, one that triggered a tsunami alert and one that kinda freaked me out! 

While I’m mostly confident when it comes to traveling, but like most people I do have fears associated with it. 

Most people don’t realise that I hate flying, I never want to sit near the window, I get travel sickness mostly on descent and turbulence makes me scared that the plane is going to crash.I don’t freak out, panic ect nor do I drink copious amounts of alcohol to dull my fear, I have learnt to internalise it , close my eyes and breathe and keep myself cool. 

I fear getting lost in a country I don’t know the language.  I don’t have a great sense of direction and I can hardly speak English let alone another language, so finding my way around can sometimes be difficult. Luckily I’m not afraid to ask for help or directions so haven’t been too lost yet! 

I fear not coming home to my family and I fear what that will  mean for my kids, will they get spilt up, will they lose contact with each other. This is probably my greatest fear, it’s only recently that my kids have all been under one roof together, so if something was to happen to me, I would hate to think that  those relationships be destroyed. 

I have fears of not being prepared, I continually check and recheck. I make phone calls overseas to check on bookings, I stress that we won’t have enough money, enough clothes or how we are getting from one place to another. Even though I know most things can be bought or obtained nearly anywhere in the world, not potentially having it in the first place can cause me anxiety. 

All these cause me fear.

All these could stop me from traveling.

But I don’t let it.

The experience of travel, the memories that we make and the bonding I make with my family far outweighs the fears that I have. 

Keep traveling everyone, don’t let any of your fears stop you. 

Safe travels


I wrote this post while waiting for the plane for our Japan trip. By the time you read it I will have been there for three days, hopefully not lost, with plenty of cash the right gear packed and have survived the plane trip and any earthquakes! 

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16 thoughts on “Travel fears.

  • Sue

    Good for you! Travel is such a wonderful experience and we have to overcome our fears and just go. Life is too short and we never know when our time is up so I’d rather be enjoying a new experience. Facing our fears is so liberating and empowering. You go girl!

    • Post author

      Thanks for your kind words!!! What you are saying is so true, life is to short so we just need to bite the bullet and do it!

  • Deborah

    It’s great you’re continuing to travel despite your fears.

    I used to fly a lot when I lived and worked overseas but not much in recent times. I used to mainly hate the descent as my ears always popped badly and I struggled with them.

    I’m about to head to NZ in a week or so ago though, so it will be my first o/s trip in about 14yrs!

  • Janet Camilleri aka Middle Aged Mama

    I’m sure you are enjoying your trip to Japan – I’d love to visit there one day. Funnily enough, just before every cruise I have been on, there has been some drama with a cruise only days before. Seriously! Oh and then there was the time I flew into Manila for a conference the day after a typhoon had hit. I’m told the ground floor of our hotel was flooded but it looked fine when I arrived.

    • Post author

      I think your right , being a mum does complicate things and yes overthinking can also be my downfall!

  • Suzy @ In the Lyons Den

    I so respect how awesome you are for going! I have a terrible fear of flying, although I usually have to engage in some alcoholic beveragae or maybe 2 to get me onboard. I majorly stress about getting to the airport on time, my husband says I am so tense!! But I can’t let it consume me. I love that you travel with your kids when they turn 18. What a fabulous experience and amazing one on one time. Can’t wait to see your photos. Japan is on my bucket list. xxx

    • Post author

      The flying is definitely my main fear, once I have my feet on the ground I feel a lot better! You are right though the add stress of arriving on time to get through check in ect doesn’t help! You should definitely come to Japan, we haven’t even left Tokyo yet and we are having an awesome time!

  • Min@WriteoftheMiddle

    Oh wow Kerrie, I can relate to a lot of what you’ve written here! I’m going on a cruise on Monday (first cruise ever) and I’ve had fears of se sickness, the ship sinking, a cyclone, a gastric bug sweeping through the ship, you name it! When I fly I am very anxious for take off’s and landings. Like you, I close my eyes and breathe my way through it (whilst holding on to the arm rests so tight my knuckles are white!). I worry and get anxious about a lot of things that rarely if ever happen … so I know not to let them stop me having adventures. I love going to new places and learning new things. I haven’t travelled much but what I have done I have loved and I hope to do much more! 🙂 #TeamLovinLife