Once a month I am asking the kids what there favourite traveling experiences  have been so far. This month I asked Ivy (6 years old). What is one of the experiences you have loved so far?  I loved skiing in New Zealand! It was so cool! Why should others go? […]

Kids recommend: Skiing in New Zealand

The excitement had been building for months. We had won tickets via the Irukandji Shark and Ray centre for a family pass on a whale watch cruise with Imagine Cruises Port Stephens back in June and had been waiting for the opportunity to catch sight of the whales on their migration […]

Cruising with the whales and Imagine cruises.

During the week two of the older girls came up with the idea to travel to Sydney on the train taking advantage of “Sunday Funday” ($2.50each travel on all NSW transport for the entire day!) and without any set plans, wander around the city and see what they could find. […]

Sunday Funday!….Sydney

Here are my top five things that can (and have) gone wrong while traveling: Melts downs; When the kids get tired because of lack of sleep over stimulation or I have pushed them too much, they inevitably have melt downs. I’m not just talking about the little ones either, myself […]

5 things that can go wrong while traveling.

We were going to walk down the  Giant stairway (900 stairs) beside the Three sisters and hike onto the Scenic railway. There was a problem though. As we were preparing to leave the campsite, there was tears… “I don’t want to go on this big hike!!” It was cold, quiet […]

Walking down 900 stairs with the kids…am I crazy?