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Travelling costs, it doesn’t matter how you do it, whether it’s camping or staying in luxury hotels, you will need money to travel!

Lots of people think they can’t save for travel, it’s out of their reach. But if I, as a single mum, can do it so can you!

Each month I will show you what small things I do to help us save money so that we have more for our travel fund.

This month I’m sharing my favourite Cooking books that help me save Money!


I must admit… I’m not great in the Kitchen. In fact even though I studied Home Economics till year 11, I consider it a great night if 1: Dinner isn’t burnt and 2. The kids eat it without complaining.

I have three books that are my go to. All help to reduce costs in the Kitchen and contain recipes / inspiration to cook cheap and edable meals.


“The $50 Weekly Shop” by Jody Allen:  

Jody Allen is the popular author of “The Stay at home Mum” blog. After having to drastically cut down her budget so they could survive on one wage she began to look at how to feed her family of four on $50 a week and this book is a result of this. Published this year I snapped it up online and started reading ASAP. Lots of good ideas, meal plans, shopping lists and of course recipes! My favourite is the Corn Beef Fritters that uses left over corn beef and is delicious hot or cold. The best thing… it is so cheap to make!

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“Save with Jamie” by Jamie Oliver:

I seriously love Jamie Oliver! and I totally love this book by him. It is full of advice for money saving meals that are not only cheap but so delicious!  I love the look of this book… the pics are amazing ( Jamie Oliver is pretty awesome to look at while cooking!) and the instructions are clear and concise. I have a few meals that I love to cook in this book. Our favourites are the Squash and Spinach Rotolo and the Humble Chicken Stew. The stew is delicious to eat during a cold winters night and uses left over chicken and veg… so is super cheap!

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“Down to Earth” by Rhonda Hetzel:

I have been following Rhonda for many years via her blog. She is full of inspiration for saving money in our everyday lives through simple living. She has published a few books and this one is my favourite. This book not only contains some simple recipe ideas, Rhonda also inspires through giving suggestions on how to cut back and save money throughout the house… it is in this book that i found out how to make our own washing liquid. My favourite recipes on here are the pasta sauce (so yummy) and her everyday bread recipe!

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“4 Ingredients” by Kim Mc Cosker and Rachael Bermingham

This book has been around for years and is probably one of the first of its type to encourage people to save in the kitchen. It wasn’t until recently that I purchased it at an Op shop (click here to see my post on saving at Op Shops!) and the few recipes I have tried are awesome. They are quick and easy and again cheap! I’m loving the Blueberry Puffs, now that they are reasonably priced and the Mars bar slice is a yummy treat! I can’t wait to try out more.

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So there you have it!!! My favourite money saving cook books…from a hopeless cook!

Do you have a favourite go to cook book?

Safe Travels,


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(all opinions here are my own…I haven’t been gifted these books for review they are from my own collection!)

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