Sunrise 14

The alarm calls to me from under my pillow. It’s early and it is still very dark.

Quietly, I shimmy out of my sleeping bag trying not to wake the two, small bodies lying either side of me.

I grab my trusty camera, slowly slide open the noisy tent zip and step out onto the cold,wet, grass.

A shiver runs down my spine, so as a last minute thought I grab the sleeping bag, guaranteed to provide me warmth.

The campground is deathly quiet. A small child’s babbling is all I can hear.

As I approached the winding stairs that will deliver me to the beach the birds call out, wishing me a good morning (or so I’d like to think)

My toes touch the sand. The cold freezes my feet instantly. I move as quickly as I can towards the rock shelf to seek some solace.

There is not a soul on the beach. I am alone with my thoughts.

My mind drifts. To my past, to my present, to my future.

My thoughts clear just in time for the moment I am here for.

The sun is just starting to peak its head over the horizon.

I can only see snippets through the clouds, but I know it’s there. Playing hide and seek until it is ready to reveal itself.

Then suddenly, without warning, it appears.

Popping up from behind the clouds. The sun has officially risen and the day has begun.

Today is a new day…

With the rising of the sun I have been given a clean slate,  a new start.

Full of new opportunities and adventures.

The past doesn’t matter now.

Only the future and what I make of it.

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