Going back in time at the Blacktown Medieval Fayre 3

The sun was shining, despite the predicted torrential rain, so a day at

the Blacktown Medieval Fayre was a go!!




Last year my Facebook book page was covered in pics of the fun my sister and her family had at the Medieval Fayre, I was determined to make sure I was going to go this year, rain, hail or shine! So when the weather cleared up and the skies were blue I knew we were going to have a great day! The Blacktown Medieval Fayre is held at Nurragingy reserve, a sprawling park covering 63 Hectares with plenty of space to explore and picnic on any normal weekend, but during the month of May for one weekend, it becomes alive with the sounds of swords clashing, horses galloping and medieval music filling the air.

When we entered we found ourselves just in time for the first Jousting contest of the day! In this event there is no mucking around… Fully armored and at full speed, the horses carry their knights wielding a jousting lance, barreling down a course towards each other, definitely is a sight to see!  The entertainment value is high, the commentary is not only informative but also funny and the showmanship of the riders is amazing! I went over to see the armor and was astounded at how heavy it was! I can’t imagine riding and fighting it in…and there was a lot of fighting! Throughout the day there was demonstrations from different groups showing off their fighting skills, with a variety of deadly weapons, and different styles…the all in brawls were my favourite!

As I walked around I was also amazed at how many organisations / groups were involved in this event. People who’s passion for everything medieval had gathered to show off their skills and talents as well as their vast knowledge on the History of the Medieval times. Their enthusiasm to share their knowledge was awesome, many times either myself or my sister would stop to ask someone to share information about what they were doing and everyone was so happy to educate us.

The event caters for, and involves all family members, kids were invited to join in the fighting, gearing up with rubber shields and swords and encouraged to fight each other, in a nice way of course! There was also a circus tent area where kids could work on their circus skills and the kids could also go on camel and pony rides!!

The Blacktown Medieval Fayre is not just about the exhibitions and events but also about market stalls. If you want to pick up a new sword or bow and arrow or wooden hand made items then all your needs are catered for! They also had plenty of places to grab a bite to eat and areas to sit and enjoy some entertainment.

I had a great day at the Blacktown Medieval Fayre and will definitely put on my calendar for next year!

Where: Nurragingy Reserve, Blacktown, NSW, Australia

How much?: FREE!!!!

Need to Know: Get your hands on a program before you go- they link it to their Facebook page as the event gets closer, the event is held over two days, certain demonstrations like the Jousting, projectile display and some fights are held twice during the day ( morning and arvo), it gets very busy, if you want a carpark reasonably close get there early, a shuttle bus runs from Blacktown train station, take a picnic lunch or buy onsite, there is limited seating, and lots of people dress up so if thats your thing…. go for it!

Have you been to a Medieval Fayre?

What did you enjoy about it!

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3 thoughts on “Going back in time at the Blacktown Medieval Fayre

  • Denyse

    I know Nurragingy very well as a excursion venue and a place to play. It is quite extensive isn’t it? I am glad you got to go and enjoy all that was fun for the Medieval Fayre. Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek 24/52. Next week: First Concert.