Four days alone in Kangaroo Valley 12

For the second time ever I found my self with some free time to myself! So I packed my bags and car and headed south to Kangaroo Valley for four nights.

( The first time I camped solo was  here)


After my first time camping by myself I felt alot more confident in trying it again, but this time I wanted to go for longer than one night. I was so excited that a period of 5 days suddenly appeared where I had no little kids or commitments, so it was a no brainer… I was going solo camping! Up until two days before I left I was convinced that I was going to head to Mount Koziousko to hike the mountains and sit around the fire. But as the week progressed, my thoughts changed to Kangaroo Valley, to Bendeela Recreation reserve, as camp ground that I had camped at before. The reserve, I presumed, would have enough campers that I wouldn’t be completely alone, but also hopefully it wasn’t going to be too busy. I also knew that it did have some security present, guards manned the gate and patrolled the grounds of a night time so I would feel safe.



Packing the car was super easy, collecting and chucking all I needed was much quicker then having to remember everything for everybody else! Travelling by myself meant listening to my “type” of music and stopping when I needed to, not when someone “suddenly” had to go to the bathroom or was hungry! Arriving at the camp ground I found a spot I was happy with, close enough to the bathrooms but also near to other campers,( but not on top of them), that I felt safe and secure. I happened to camp near a single mum and her young daughter ( pity I didn’t have my youngest they would have got along well), and that was pretty cool, its not often I come across many other single mums out camping! Setting up camp was a breeze, I literally had the tent up and my bed made within 15 mins and a cup of tea and dinner cooking not much longer after that, and was ready to wander around the campground in search of the resident wombats!



Camping by myself meant freedom. Freedom to sleep till I wanted, eat when and what I wanted and to explore everything I felt the need to. Exploring the area included taking in a couple of bushwalks at Fitzroy Falls, exploring the Pioneer day at Kangaroo Valley Pioneer Museum, attending the Anzac march, going for morning walks and laying around reading two books!  Can’t get better then that! Overall I loved camping by myself, I felt safe,I loved the independence, the peace and the chance to relax and recharge ready to go back to the real world! This type of travel will definitely continue to be part of my life.


Do you Travel Solo?

Do you think it would be something you would like to do?

Safe Travels


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12 thoughts on “Four days alone in Kangaroo Valley

  • Min@WriteoftheMiddle

    I once travelled to Singapore on my own … but stayed with my sister once I got there. I have never camped alone! You are brave – I think I might be a little scared camping on my own! Kangaroo Valley sure is a beautiful place. That’s where Peter Stefanovic and Sylvia Jeffreys had their wedding from memory. #TeamLovinLife

    • Post author

      It is gorgeous down there! Camping by yourself does take a little courage but probably not as much as you think!

  • Joanne Tracey

    I travel solo – & love doing it. But camping solo? It’s something that I both fantasise about, but that also scares me. The dark scares me & the complete alone scares me – both of which possibly should be reasons to try it. The thing I like best about travelling alone is the completed freedom to do what you want & eat what you want when you want without consideration for anyone else. It also frees the mind creatively, I think. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Post author

      Everything you have said I why I loved being on my own! Trying camping in a busy place like a caravan park first, then you might enjoy feel so scared and it will give you the confidence to camp in a more secluded place.

  • Sydney Shop Girl

    I’ve travelled a bit on my own but camping? That would be a challenge for me.

    Thank you for introducing me to Kangaroo Valley. My son’s school will have their camping programme in the area when he’s in high school. I think I might just tag along as a class mum or something.

    SSG xxx

  • Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

    I love Kangaroo Valley! LOVE.
    As for travelling solo, I often head to the coast to our beach house to be alone. Albeit to write a book, but I’m still alone. I’m not a camper but I definitely wouldn’t camp alone. I’m a bit of a scaredy cat.

    • Post author

      Alone time is so precious isn’t it! I go to read a book though … not write one! Thanks for your comment!

  • Denyse

    I have travelled solo and never felt unsafe. I am not a camper so I applaud you for doing so. When I flew to the US and was on some flights I was pulled out for security checks as ‘apparently’ as single woman traveller on a non-round ticket is suspicious. I was on a series of flights from LA to Las Vega to SF back to LA and then back to Hawaii. It was on 3 occasions I was checked. I was not happy but you cant complain in AMERICA!! When we lived in Wollongong as kids Kangaroo Valley was fave place to visit for picnics. It is very special. Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek 20/52. Next week “How I learn best.”