5 top reasons to stay at the Outrigger Resort Fiji 8

Recently we spent 6 wonderful nights holidaying at the gorgeous Outrigger Fiji with our extended family and we loved it!

Here is five reasons why you should stay there to!


1.The swimming pools!

Outrigger Resort Fiji has two pools, one for families and the other for adults only. The family pool is huge ( one of the biggest in Fiji!) and caters for everyone’s swimming abilities. The depth of the water varies from ankle height to 2.4 meters ( deep enough to scuba dive in!) and because it so big I never felt crowded and could always find my own space. One one end of the pool they set up a volley ball net which kept my son and nephew entertained for hours! There were plenty of pool lounges to lay back on and soak up the sun and with the added bonus of being able to order your drinks and lunch from your chair, you can relax all day around the pool if you want!


2.The beautiful gardens!

The landscaping of the Outrigger Resort Fiji is spotless! The winding paths from our room took us past the most gorgeous surrounds and beside beautiful trickling man made streams with lilies scattered throughout them. Walking past them on the way to dinner or early in the morning gave such a sense of peace and serenity and soothed the soul and mind. The view from up at the foyer over the resort highlights the gardens and surrounds and was one of the reasons why I loved my stay there.

3.Daily activities!

The Outrigger Resort Fiji conducted so many daily activities that you could be kept busy all day if that’s what you wanted! Every week they print out an activities outline of what is happening in the resort each day. This timetable can also be found in the foyer and down at the activities centre. Some of the activities include kids club, snorkeling, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, reef walks, coconut collecting, scavenger hunt, egg toss games, water aerobics, pool scuba diving, morning walks, Kava ceremony, crab and frog races, henna tattoos (extra cost), kids movies, fire twirling, hair braiding (extra cost), free performances ever night as well as fire walking on Tuesdays(extra cost) ! and that is just the activities that we took part in!

4.The food!

With 8 different areas to eat and / or drink ( some adult only) you are spoilt for choice when it comes to dining at the Outrigger Resort Fiji. We were on the full food package that included all meals (not drinks) and we could choose from three different places to eat at ( I’m not sure if the cafe at the Adults only pool area was included… I didn’t go!) and all the food was amazing!! The buffet, Vale Ni Kana, had plenty of delicious food, which was based on a different theme each night, with the kids having their own mini buffet! The restaurant, Baravi,  (near the pool), the one you can order from while lounging, specialises in Asian and has a generous variety to choose from. My favourite was the Sundowner restaurant. The food was delicious and if you happen to be there as the sun sets you will be able to view the glorious sunsets that happen every night. The Sundowner also has a value for money wine buffet (29fjd) on Tuesdays and Thursdays! Another good reason to dine there!

5.They support the community!

We arrived at the Outrigger to discover that they support a local school and organsied project days ( Tuesdays and Thursdays) where they take guests out to the school to work on their latest project. When I put the idea to my children they all jumped on board willing to help out where they could. It cost 100FJ for adults and 60FJ for children with 70% of the money going directly to the project, and you can truly see how well the money has been spent. Bus shelter, covered walkways, a new hall and new Kindergarten classroom are the improvements that have been made since they first started supporting the school. As a result of these improvements the school has grown tremendously and therefore has a need for two more classrooms… this was the project we worked on! Our job was tying wires on to the footing of the classrooms, everyone had a job including the littlest! It was a great day, if you find yourself a the Outrigger Resort Fiji, take part in this community project! I will blog more about this in a forthcoming post…stay tuned!

Five excellent reasons to stay at the Outrigger Resort in Fiji!!

Have you stayed at The Outrigger Resort Fiji?

Safe Travels everyone!


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Our stay at the Outrigger Fiji was fully funded by us and the above post is my honest opinion….. we loved it there!


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