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When I think back to our time in the Flinders chase National park on Kangaroo Island my mind is fillled with images of a breathtaking rugged coast, pounding waves, unbelievable rock formations and a history of survival in one of the toughest areas of Australia.

A day trip into Flinders Chase National Park, which is at the far end of Kangaroo Island 110km west of Kingscote, allowed us to visit and explore the highlights of the area.

Admirals Arch;

Taking the long boardwalk, we weaved down towards a rock formation that arches, a “window” into which to view the powerful ocean crashing onto the rocks below, while sleeping seals enjoyed being cooled of by the splashing sea water. While the arch was spectacular to see, it was the seals that entertained us, we found one lazing right up under the boardwalk, oblivious to the tourists who walked above.

Cape Du Couedic Lightstation;

My love for lighthouses was fillfilled with a walk around this stunning lightstation. I was disappointed that there was no tours here, as the red stairs enticed me to enter and discover its secrets. The Lightstation  was first lit in 1909 to help protect boats from coming to grief on the treacherous coastline, history facts that I loved discovering, while the kids happily entertained themselves collecting “jewels” from the path.

Weirs Cove Storehouse

Taking the advise of a park ranger we took a detour down a dirt road to investigate the ruins of the lighthouse storehouse. The decaying limestone building, is significant in this areas history and demonstrates the harsh of life of a lighthouse keeper and their families, while offering glorious views along the coastline.

Remarkable Rocks

I underestimated the beauty of the Remarkable Rocks. These rocks sit upon a rocky outcrop, looking like they had been placed there by giants long ago and draw you in with their beauty as well as their uniqueness. The children were attracted to their hidden caverns and tight spaces that provided a stimulus for their imagination to run wild and declare that they were moving in and living there forever! Safety is of utmost importance, on windy and rainy days the surface can be dangerous and with the edge of the cliff plunging to the sea keeping the children close by was a priority.

The Flinders Chase National Park is a beautiful place with so much to offer and we only scratched the surface.

With more time in the National Park, there is plenty of bush walks to explore including the Wilderness Trail a five day trek that showcases the beauty of the area. A stay in the park would be convenient to base yourself for more adventures, Rocky River campground looked like it had an awesome set up, and is on our list of camping spots for our next visit.

Have you visited the Flinders Chase National Park on Kangaroo Island?

What was your favourite part?

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