Funday Sunday- The Australian Museum 18

We love Funday Sunday, it’s the day when NSW public transport cap their prices on travel to anywhere in the state of NSW to $2.50 each. All you need is an opal card and you are on your way!

The other Sunday we packed up some lunch and snacks and caught the train down to Sydney to the Australian Museum!

The Australian museum is the oldest museum in Australia and is situated at 1 William St, Sydney. Easily accessed by 3 train stations, found right in the heart of the city and worth a visit when traveling to Sydney.

The Australian museum boasts a variety of exhibitions, a new one to us was the Wild planet Exhibit which has over 400 animals on display. Each animal has further information on it on interactive iPads such as their location and conservation status.

The search and discover space is hands on for the kids, it’s an area they can use projected microscopes to investigate many items. They also have (stuffed) animals that you can pat, resource books to look through and really cool stick insects to get up close to and explore. If you are really keen you can search through the stick insects poop to find their eggs!

But too be honest the main reason we go to the Australian museum is for the dinosaurs! They have dinosaur skeletons and fossils on display, some hands on activities and a skull of a Tyrannosaurus Rex you can put your head in! This alone is worth the entry price!

The Australian museum does host other exhibits that change and are offered for an extra cost, at present the Spiders alive and deadly. We didn’t  visit this exhibit, most of us in the family have a fear of spiders, but I have heard it’s pretty cool! Keep an eye out on the museums website for update info on what exhibits are coming.

Where: 1 William st Sydney. It is accessed via Public  transport easily. Museum, St James and Town hall stations are all in walking distance.

How much: $15 Adult, $8 Concession and children under $16 are free! Note that special exhibits incur a cost on top of this, check website for more info.

Need to know: Some parts of the museum are being refurbished at the moment so are closed to the public, you can bring food into the museum or they have a cafe you can purchased a meal at, there is a under 5’s play space on level 2 and make sure you get a map, because it can be a little confusing!

Have you been to the Australian museum? 

If not, where is your favourite? 

Safe travels



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