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Travelling cost money, it doesn’t matter how you do it, whether it’s camping or staying in luxury hotels, you will need some money!

Lots of people think they can’t save for travel, it’s out of their reach. But if I, as a single mum, can do it so can you!

In this monthly series, I will give you tips on how to save in everyday life for your travelling goal!

Last month I spoke about about saving on your food shopping! Check it out here. This month I am continuing with more tips.

your food shop takes up a big chunk of your budget, so it is a good place to start to make cut backs if you want to save for travel.



Shop at Aldi

Some people loath Aldi where as I love them!! I do the majority of my food shopping here, only having to call into one of the other grocery stores for about two items a fortnight. When you first start shopping at Aldi it can be a bit confusing, there won’t be any of the brands you are used to (although sometimes they do stock some popular branded items), there will only be one, maybe two choices in a product, you have to bring your own bags (great for the environment!) and you have to pack your own groceries!! Over the years the variety of products they stock has grown, they now have a terrific range of Gluten free items and well as some specialist item. Overall you will not only notice how much you will save by shopping at Aldi and how much less time spend at the shops as well.

Growing beetroot takes time, but it is so rewarding!

Growing beetroot takes time, but it is so rewarding!

Vegie garden/chook

For quiet a few years we have owned chickens (we presently have one!) and had a vegie patch. The chicken is easy maintenance, cheap to feed and provides eggs every day, also she is a friendly animal who lives a cuddle every so often! My veggie patch varies in what it stocks according to the season. I only plant what we eat, in quantities that we need, other wise it just goes to waste. Various times throughout the year you can find snow peas, spinach, lettuce, beetroot, tomatoes, basil, beans, cucumbers, zucchini, capsicum, broccoli as well as a variety of herbs. As these items help with supplying us with fresh veg that we don’t have to buy. If you are a newbie to growing your own veg, google what grows in your area and at what times of the year and give it a go!

farmers markets

You can find some interesting fruit and veg at the farmers markets.

Farmers markets

I love love love Farmers markets, whether I am at home or traveling this is my preferred place to by my fruit, veg and sometimes meat. The produce is fresh, is local, often pesticide free and you can talk to the farmers who grow them so you gain that connection to what you are eating. The food is also surprising reasonably priced even cheap, often I pick up broccoli for $1 each, apples ( the best you will taste!) are always $6 for 2kg, and my pure honey straight from the farm is $5 for 500gm. Farmers markets are popping up everywhere, so check out one near you!

Homemade pizza based laden with leftovers such as bolognese sause tastes awesome!!

Homemade pizza based laden with leftovers such as bolognese sause tastes awesome!!

Make extra /use or eat leftovers.

I always look at how I can stretch a meal, whether that means keeping some aside To eat as leftovers (maybe lunch or another dinner) or using the extra to make another meal.  One whole chicken for example can be used for many different meals, wraps, in sushi, pie, in a pasta bake, on a pizza, in a curry, and the carcass for stock. I can often get three meals out of one chicken! Thinking out of the box, and using Google and recipe books like this gives you lots of idea for stretching meals further.

Hope  you enjoyed part two of my saving on your grocery’s series!

Do you have any other tips?

Safe travels




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12 thoughts on “Saving for Travel series; Grocery shopping part 2


    What fabulous tips for saving up for a holiday!

    I also like to do “batch cooking” – where you cook up a whole lot of big meals in advance to freeze extra portions for lunches or “can’t be bothered cooking nights” later using whatever is in season. Making passata from tomatoes in summer for example.

    P.S It was great to find your blog via Mummy Mondays Blog Post Link Up


    Louise @

  • Sydney Shop Girl

    Huge fan of Aldi and leftovers too. I also bring lunch in to work every day. Find that cutting down on takeaway coffees helps too. I limit them to weekends and maybe two a week. Instant on the other days.

    SSG xxx

  • Deborah

    I’m pretty good at the leftovers thing. I’ve always lived alone so accustomed to preparing dinners which also include some lunches. I’m coeliac so lunch out when at work etc is problematic. It’s too hard to just buy something like a sandwich as I have to ensure the place has gluten free bread and check the ham is GF, dressing GF etc… Far. Too. Hard.

    So – it’s been good for money saving purpose as I always take my lunches to work.

  • Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

    I love left overs. Putting them on pizza never occurred to me! I usually make “left overs salad”. Love me a good “hot salad” with all the left overs mixed in with lettuce and other salady items.

    Thanks for joining the Lovin’ Life Linky