5 reasons why your kids should skip school to travel.

Your kids will learn so much more.

Studies show that children learn so much when they are allowed to explore, play and experiment within the real world, rather then sitting in a classroom behind a desk. They also learn more effectively when they are engaged in experiences that are of interest to them, rather than rote learning facts that they forced to learn, and travel promotes and encourages all this and more!!

war memorial Canberra

Hands on learning at it’s best!

They will go back refreshed

Sometimes a ten week term is so long…. especially when your a 5 year old! A short break during the term before the designated school holidays is sometimes needed for everyone, mums included! After a break the kids go back, refreshed, ready to learn and happy to see their friends again, just like we do after a break.

Kids, like us Adults, need a break every so often.

Less crowds

There is no one around! Tourist attractions, accommodation, camping areas and roads are a lot less congested and so much more pleasant. During the week day you can appreciate everything so much more because you don’t have to battle the crowds and you get more for your money because you can experience it and appreciate it more.


Less crowds during mid term

Price drop

It is so much more cheaper to travel during the term out of school holidays, the price difference can be enormous, for the same experience. Petrol, flights, accommodation and even tourist attractions hike their prices upward during the school holidays and therefore add to the travel budget and sometimes can make travel unaffordable.

Flights are so much cheaper out of school holidays!

Your boss will appreciate it

If travel also requires you to take annual leave from your job, your boss will appreciate, and more likely approve your time off, if it is not during school holidays, when everyone else wants it. This especially applies to the Christmas period where, unless you shut down, there is a lot off competition for vacation time or it’s just not allowed. So be nice to your boss, let your kids skip school and take you time off during the term.

So there we go! Take you kids out of school to travel!

Worried about how the school / department of Education will react? Keep an eye put for my upcoming post that tackles this subject!



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