Visiting the Snow monkeys!

I wanted to see the snow monkeys, but had trouble finding a tour or information about them until I came across this post by 3Aussietravelers, and I new straight away that we were definitely adding a day trip from Tokyo to our itinerary! 

I’m not going to go into detail about how to get there because 2Aussietravellers post outlines it so well. In fact of it wasn’t for that post and Toni’s support in answering my questions I wouldn’t have felt confident in taking the journey.So get over there and check it out! 

Instead, I will just show you some pictures….

There is just a few things I would like to add.

Firstly prices for tickets (not covered by JRail) have gone up slightly on what 2Aussietravellers quote in their post… buts that’s inflation for you! 

Secondly there is a bus that heads back directly to Nakano station from bus stop B. We found this out of a info sheet the lady gave us at the info booth at Yudanaka station. Price wise it is a little cheaper then the bus/train option but it was more the convience that drew us in. I’m not sure if it runs in the opposite way… you could ask a Nagano station.

The snow monkeys are there year round, we went in November and there wasn’t any snow yet but there were plenty of monkeys around and even some in the onsen.

Fourthly it costs ¥800 for adults and ¥400 for children to get onto the monkey park which you pay once you get to the top of the trail.

Lastly wear appropriate footwear and warm clothes! Our shoes got very muddy and standing still watching the monkeys it got quiet cold, although a guide had a fire going which people were huddled around.

Also on a side note, the lovely lady at the information booth at Yudanaka station told us about a free foot onsen that’s on the opposite side of the station…. very relaxing! 

Thanks again to 2Aussietravellers for your great blog post which gave me the confidence to give this day trip a go! 

Safe travels 


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