5 reasons why I love my Kathmandu Boreas 3 person tent. 2

At the beginning of this year I purchased a Kathmandu Boreas 3 person hike tent, and I love it!

Here is 5 reasons why….

1.It is roomy!
For a hike tent it has plenty of space, it is rated a three person, which lets face it generally means that you are lucky if you can fit in two people! But this tent easily fits myself and the two kids, or two adults and a child, and you will still have room for baggage! Defiantly plenty of space for a hike tent!

2.It is lightweight!
Hike tents are built to be light and compact, and even though this tent fits three, it definitely ticks all the boxes in this area. Coming in at just under 4kg in weight and having a packed size only being 20cm / 49cm it is amazing light and takes up next to no room compared to all other tents I have owned!!!

3. It has plenty of storage pockets!
The Boreas 3 person tent has 6 internal storage pockets! Plenty of space to fit and organise all your bits and pieces, we literally fill every pocket with headlamps, keys, books and my phone, the pockets make it so much easier to find our stuff in a hurry.

4. It so easy to put up!
The set up is easy and quick, I can easily put it up by myself, the youngest two in the family can even put it up by themselves. The fly only needs to have two pegs (lightweights included) and if the weather good you don’t even need need to tie it down with any guy ropes. You literally pull it out of the bag, feed through the colour coded poles, attach the fly with the corresponding clips and in no more then ten minutes the tent is set up ready to crawl into!

5. It has two vestibules!
I love the fact that it has not one but two vestibules!!! Ok, so they may be small but there is room for your shoes and cooker etc and because there is two this means the tent has dual entry/exit so that you don’t have to climb over each other to get out!

Need to know: It is a four season hike tent, which means it will hold up in any weather.. including snow!.
Keep an eye on Kathmandu’s website, they have regular sales in which this tent is reduced by at least $200 dollars, So don’t rush, be patient and grab yourself a great deal!
Also, not all Kathmandu stores have the capacity to put the tent up so you can see it for yourself. Neither of my locals could put it up and I was told that I couldn’t get a refund, only a store credit if I wasn’t happy. So to get around this I bought it online and set it up in the house, knowing that if I wasn’t happy I could return it in store ( obviously as long as it hadn’t been used and I had the invoice!)

So there you have it!! An awesome hike tent from Kathmandu!!!

Check out our YouTube video on the tent HERE.

Safe travels!

This is NOT a sponsored or affiliated post…..I just love, love this tent!!

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