Once a month I am asking the kids what there favourite traveling experiences  have been so far. This month I asked Ivy (6 years old). What is one of the experiences you have loved so far?  I loved skiing in New Zealand! It was so cool! Why should others go? […]

Kids recommend: Skiing in New Zealand

As we drive along the road heading to Jindabyne the kids peer out through the window looking for the snow on the mountains. It’s a game they play every year, to see who can find it first, who will be the winner. After years of travelling this road, I know […]

Why we ski at Perisher Ski resort – a Review

So, I’ve been doing this ski trip business with kids for 19 years!!!! Some trips have been with a husband in tow but a lot have been by myself, as a single parent. Looking at my Instagram feed you will find gorgeous smiling faces, loving every minute of skiing together […]

I have two words for you……Ski School!

So you want to go to the snow but don’t know where to start? Here’s part two of my series on travelling to the snow! Click here to find part one! Ski gear. This can go either way in terms of expense. Clothing and ski/snowboard gear can be hired, bought or […]

So you want to go to the snow…. part 2