Why Travel?

Travel is important for myself and my family, but not everyone considers it a high priority in their lives. There are many reasons why travelers love to explore the world, here are some of my reasons….

Travel brings you closer as a family.

When you are with each other 24 hours a day, in a car, at airports, standing in lines or in a small 3 by 3 metre tent you have to learn to get along and sort out your differences quickly. You have to listen to each other’s ideas and basically, work as a team to help make things smoothly or it will not be an enjoyable experience for anyone.


Coronet Peak, Queenstown, New Zealand.

Its builds resilience.

Resilience is an ability that I want my kids to develop. I want them to be able to cope with anything life throws at them (like sleeping in the car when your tent gets washed out!) because life is not always smooth sailing. Travel develops problem solving skills, helps you become more flexible and open minded and has helped my son change from anxious and shy boy to a more outgoing and confident one.

Narrabeen, NSW, Australia

Narrabeen, NSW, Australia

You learn about each other on a deeper level.

When I travel with the kids, especially individually, I learn so much about them, their fears, abilities, and dreams, I guess they also learn a lot about me. When the hustle and bustle of life is gone you have time to connect.

Euro Disney, Paris, France

 Challenging yourself to new experiences.

When you are travelling you are exposed to experiences that you may not have had a chance to try. For someone who is scared of heights, walking (nearly crawling) across a suspension bridge in Vancouver terrified me but the sense of achievement at the end was terrific!

Capilano suspension bridge, Vancouver, Canada

Capilano suspension bridge, Vancouver, Canada

Learning about the world around us.

Travelling is the best way to learn about the history and culture of a place. The kids and I have experienced the world around us in a practical sense, we have not been dictated to or learnt it through a book so it is more relevant to us. It helps break down barriers and opens your mind to history, new cultures and how people live.



It refreshes your body and mind.

We all need a break from the feeling that life is a never ending cycle and that there must be more. Travel, even if it is only for one night, helps clear your mind and gives you the chance to “get back on track”. I always do my best thinking while travelling, I plan my future goals for myself and the family and arrive home refreshed and ready to tackle anything!

Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia

Gaining Life skills.

My children are learning life skills through travelling, like how to read a map, how to put up a tent, how to start and cook on a fire, how to communicate when you don’t know the language, how to be patient, how to work as a team, how to read timetables, how to jump start a car, how to deal with disappointments, how to perform first aid, how to be organised and how to get along with people.

Toowoon Bay, NSW, Australia.

Toowoon Bay, NSW, Australia.

I have many reasons why travel is important to me and my family, the above are just an insight!

Why do you travel, or wish you travelled?



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