I have two words for you……Ski School! 2

So, I’ve been doing this ski trip business with kids for 19 years!!!!


Some trips have been with a husband in tow but a lot have been by myself, as a single parent.

Looking at my Instagram feed you will find gorgeous smiling faces, loving every minute of skiing together as a family.



Let me tell you one thing……. Its not all smiles and laughter….. It is bloody hard work!

There is tears, tantrums and sometimes yelling, and that’s not just from the kids!


There is lots of gear to organise, skis are hard to carry for little arms, and the boots are so heavy and awkward to walk in! Crossing the carpark becomes a motivational session with you talking up your kids ability to handle all their stuff, while you struggle yourself!

perisherIt is a long time between seasons….The kids seem to think that even though they have been skiing since they were 3 and last year they were skiing black runs, this year they have totally forgotten how to stand up, turn, stop and well, apparently they hate skiing!

perisherEveryone’s patience is tested as you stand in long long lines for the lifts, being corralled like cattle through a shoot and people stand on your skis all the while the kids are panicking that they are going to be separated from you (it has happened!). Most of the time I wish I could go into the single line and escape the crowds, and, I’ll admit, the kids!

perisherIt’s hard to keep and eye on two young kids on the mountain when there is only one of you…..one wants to go one way while the other decides that there is no way that’s going to happen! All the while you are skiing at the back of the pack, just in case one has a stack, trying to make a decision that suits everyone, and that’s on a perfect ski day. God forbid there is bad weather, you cannot see anything in a white out, let alone your kids!

perisherDon’t get me wrong, I love skiing with the kids, and they really do love it too!

But I have two words for you all………Ski school!!!

Yes it’s expensive and you will wonder if it is worth it……. Believe me it is!

imageOne full day in Ski School got Ivy’s feet back, she was skiing down hills that she refused to do for me, she got a nice lunch and it gave me a day to spend one on one with Jay. Same as when Jay went to learn snowboarding, the instructors gave him the basics and confidence while giving me time to spend with Ivy (which she loved!)

Definitely worth every dollar!


So if you are thinking of going on a ski trip with your young kids (especially on your own!) don’t be discouraged, know that it is going to take patience, organisation, a sense of humour and some help from Ski School!

Have you been skiing with young kids?
Any stories to share?

Safe travels



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2 thoughts on “I have two words for you……Ski School!

  • Rachel G

    I’ve never been skiing at all! I’ve tried a little snowboarding, and have fallen down on that my share of times, which leaves me pretty impressed with anyone, especially kids, who can actually ski!

    • travelswithmumblog@gmail.com Post author

      My kids do amaze me, especially my eldest, each year they get better and better!eventually they will all past my abilities! Thanks for your comment!