Dreams, regret and a sailboat.

I was relaxing the other day, down by the lake, looking out to the water, watching as seagulls scooted along the waters edge flying so low that their wings just missed touching the surface. It was peaceful down there, the only sound I could hear was the lapping of the water on the edge of the pier and the random giggles of children’s play from passerby’s.


As I sat there enjoying my time alone, a sail boat came in, dropping off a crew mate before slowly turning around, making its way back across the lake to its next destination.


This brought back memories of dreams that weren’t fulfilled.

When I was younger, my then husband and I had a dream of living on a sailboat. Yes, we had a young child at the time and were planning to have more, it definitely was going to have logistical issues, but we weren’t going to let that get in our way.

It was our dream.

We talked about it, we went sailboat shopping, read books about it, we were going to do it.



What happened?


We fell into “normality”. We believed what others were telling us, that it was going to be too hard, too expensive and well, not a “normal” way to live.

So we let go of that dream and bought a house, got “real” jobs, fell into the consumer trap of having to buy more to be happy, paid the bills and the days went on like everyone else’s lives.


I guess this happens to many people, we all have our own dreams, they might not be living on a sailboat, but they are something that are important to us, some are fulfilled, while others are not.


Getting older (and more wiser !?!) I think about broken dreams and regrets often. I might not be completely following my dreams yet, but I am determined to pursue them and not let them slip away into normality. Not this time.

Don’t let YOUR dreams slip away….
If you want to full time travel…. Do it!
If you want to live on a 100 acre farm … Do it!
And if you want to live on a sailboat…. Just do it!

Don’t let anybody say otherwise.


What are your dreams?
Are you following them?
Or, like past me, have you let others influence you and your dream choices?

Safe travels

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