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Hello and welcome to my first blog post on Travels with Mum!

I have been dreaming of starting this blog for a while now, and I have a billion different ideas for blog posts to write, but to start off I am going to share with you who I am and why I decided to write this blog.

So here goes.From a young age my Mum, Dad, Sister and I camped. Many school holidays we would pack up the car and hit the road on trips together, pitching our tents along the way, while exploring Australia. We would hike, explore the touristy stuff, spend lots of time together and make lasting memories that we still talk about today.

Soon I was enrolling in the Girl Guides and my love exploring and adventure continued, it’s where I first canoed, abseiled and my love for snow skiing was born.


Big White, Canada.

Fast forward to now.

The years went by and 5 and half years ago I found myself single with 5 kids from newborn to young teen, I also found that I was becoming obsessed with travel bloggers and families that travel long term. It started to bring me down, thinking “It’s not fair, I want to do that, I want to do continued travel, I can’t go anywhere, I’m stuck here because I have shared care of my kids” Now, I’m not saying that It should be any other way… kids need to have contact with their father… but I suppose I was using that fact as an excuse for not doing anything, and feeling sorry for myself. Finally, I decided that enough was enough, I had to be grateful for everything I had and to make the most of what life had given me. I slowly gathered up some camping supplies (mostly second hand) and after a few small local trips, packed up the kids (aged between 18months and 17yrs) and took them to Tasmania for three and half weeks over the Christmas break, flying the older one’s home in the 2nd week to their Dads and continuing on with the little ones. It was amazing! often hectic, but an adventure full of memories. I definitely learnt a lot about myself and the kids during this time!


Cradle mountain, Tasmania

Since then I have travelled with the kids, sometimes one at a time, to lots of different places within Australia and a few overseas trips. The trips have ranged from overnight to 3 and half weeks (maximum time I have with the kids in a block) and each one has brought its own challenges but also rewards.

So why do I want blog about this?

Because I want every mum to get out there, no matter what your circumstances, and explore your neighbourhood, state, country and the world! I want all mums to feel confident to spend time with your kids outside of your house, away from the TV and internet, and experience what it is like in the real world!


Venice, Italy

My hope for this blog is to help mum’s get the confidence and skills to go travel with their kids whenever it is possible. I will be writing about the travel tips I have learnt (and are still learning), reviewing experiences we have had and places we have been, inspiration on why you should travel and money savings tips (to go traveling), because after the question “You have how many kids, and you travel ?” most people are curious of how I afford it.

So there it is, my story and why I am writing this blog.

Byron bay

Sunrise,Byron Bay

Hope you find my blog interesting, informative but most of all I hope it inspires you to travel Australia and the World with your kids.



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17 thoughts on “Hello!

    • travelswithmumblog@gmail.com Post author

      Thanks for you support Alisha! My hope is that this blog will encourage confidence in you and in all mums to travel more!

  • Brandy

    So happy to have found you on instagram. I’m a single mom of 5 kids as well who has been wanting to travel. It’s been hard finding inspiration as it is mostly two parent families I read about. Thanks for starting this blog!

    • travelswithmumblog@gmail.com Post author

      No problems!!! I agree with you, most are two parent families, that is one of the reasons I wanted to start this!, to inspire and give single parent families the courage to get out there and travel! Thank you for you kind words.

  • Wandermust mummy

    Thanks for joining the first ever #fearlessfamtrav

    What an admirable goal you have and I feel exactly the same. All parents should have the confidence to travel no matter how far away or not that travel is

    Ps I’m doing a city break collab post and looking for oz contributions if you are interested – send me an email if you are interested

    • travelswithmumblog@gmail.com Post author

      I glad I came across you guys! Thanks for organising the link up! I will email you about the collab soon! Thanks again

  • Nanouk | Digital Nomad with Kids

    Hello to you too 🙂 great post and I will send your URL to a friend of mine who is single but wants to travel with her baby as well!

    Minor tip: your permalink structure is set on default as a number. You might want to change this to the name of your post. Do this before you continue publishing because all links will be broken. But it really is better for seo 🙂

    • travelswithmumblog@gmail.com Post author

      Hello and thanks for the tip! I really don’t have much idea about SEO in fact everything I read seems to go over my head! I will look into this and fix it! Thanks again!

  • Lisa - FlipFlopGlobetrotters.com

    Wow, that’s awesome Kerrie! I haven’t had the time to read a lot on your blog but it looks really interesting. I’ve only been to Australia once for 3 months when I was a lot younger, but your country has so much to offer. You can spend a lifetime exploring! It looks like you and your kids are making wonderful memories. Thank you for sharing them on your blog! #fearlessfamtrav