I have itchy feet…..and it’s not tinea. 4

Itchy feet


The travel bug

Whatever you want to call it, I’ve got it!

I’m sure it’s a disease…..is there a cure?


My symptoms include;

Anxiety over staying in the one place for too long.

Wanting to see and and explore new things or even returning to places I have been, to discover more.

Irritation, grumpiness and just down right being shitty at the world when I haven’t traveled for a while.

Depression at the monotony of day to day life.

Wanting to meet and talk to travelling people, find out about their lives, their adventures, their future plans.

Becoming sick at the sight of the same four walls, the back fence and the traffic going past my front door, day after day.

Being unenthusiastic and unmotivated at work and home.


Dreaming of future travel plans, constantly.

Googling travel plans, constantly.

Going to travel agents to steal their brochures, constantly.

Scrolling through Travel blogs, Facebook pages and Instagram, constantly

Saving the majority of my earnings for travel.

Thinking of new ways I can save money for travel.

Comparing what I could get with my dollar in Australia to what I can get for the same amount overseas.

hiking boots

I have diagnosed myself…and there is only one cure…

More Travel

Taking every opportunity to travel whether it is a weekend or weeks to explore, discover and adventure.

More Travel

Coming home a more centered, happier and calmer person.

More Travel

Spending more time with my family and being grateful for every moment.


Do you have itchy feet?…. not the ones that require medication!

What’s your cure?

To more travels!! Hooray!



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4 thoughts on “I have itchy feet…..and it’s not tinea.

    • travelswithmumblog@gmail.com Post author

      Thanks for providing the Lovin’ Life Linky! and thanks for the comment! Travel is my life, an obsession!

  • Kell @ All Mum Said

    I have always had itchy feet. My dream was to travel the world, anywhere and everywhere.
    This is why my husband and I have started a blog to document our travels, no matter how small. (You actually follow our adventure blog on instagram)
    The kids don’t always love the adventures but they learn so much. We are actually heading to the Blue Mountains just before school holidays and will be taking on the 900 steps with 9, 7, 3 and 6 month old children.
    Goodbye sanity, hello adventure!

    Stopping by from #MummyMondays – thanks for linking up!

    • travelswithmumblog@gmail.com Post author

      I am loving following your Instagram, your photos are amazing! Yep, sometimes you need to look past the crazy and to the memories and adventures you are going to make with your children! Have fun up the mountains, its always great there.