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At the beginning of the year I talked about my travel goals for the year. Like all New Years goals / resolutions it is always interesting to revisit them to see what was achieved…. or what was not!

So here is my look back on my 2017 travel goals!

Kangaroo Island:

Back in January ( not long after my travel goals were set!) I took the youngest kids to Kangaroo Island in South Australia. It was a type of travel we hadn’t attempted before… one that combined plane flights and camping gear! It was a challenge to downsize and carry all our gear to camp at the same time, but one we acheived and will defienately be part of our future travels! If you want to read about our wonderful time on Kangaroo Island check out the links here, here and here!

Family trip:

One day over a lunch together the extended family decided that we would take a trip to Fiji in April. Quickly we started to investigate where to stay etc and with the help of a travel agent it was booked and paid for within weeks of our travel dates. We had an amazing time! the beaches, people and the fact that all 12 of our ages and interests were catered for made staying at The Outrigger and amazing choice. Check out my blog posts of Fiji here and here.

Weekend away in Sydney:

The girls climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge was a great excuse to spend the weekend away in Sydney. I found an amazingly cheap place to stay right under the Harbour Bridge and a short walk to to bridge climb. It took a while to organise a weekend where everyone was available but in the end it was awesome to spend some time with just the girls and hopefully something we will be able to do more often.

Overnight hike:

Planning for the Overland trek is not going well…. we still haven’t been on an overnight hike!!!! Put it this way…. it was on the calender numerous times but it never happened. Either the weather was bad, something else “better” was on offer or I just wasn’t organised! To be honest I kinda have this fear that my youngest will have a hard time with it and cry most of the time! Anyway I am determined that 2018 will be the year that we go on our first overnight hike… tears or not!

Weekend away with my mother and sister:

My mum spoke to me about doing another weekend away, because we had such a wonderful time together in Melbourne last year. As Christmas got closer and closer it was becoming very hectic to organise so it still hasn’t happened. Hopefully in the first half of next year we will get something down on the calendar and go!

Cockatoo Island for NYE:

As you read this blog post you will find us on Cockatoo Island in the middle of Sydney Harbour ready to watch the fireworks! I am so excited about this experience, we are camping with our own tent and the position of the island and the activities that are planned seem like we will have a memorable time. Check out my blog post from when we last stayed on the Island here.

Skiing overseas:

So we didn’t ski overseas like I would have loved to, but with a bumper ski season here in Australia we enjoyed some time down Perisher instead. Next year ( or early 2019) will hopefully include a trip to Canada or America to ski as well as skiing in Australia as we are purchasing the Perisher Epic pass which gives us unlimited season ski lift passes.

Camping trips and South Coast:

We have had plenty of Camping trips this year. The Watagans, Harrington, Anna Bay, Lake Munmorah, Wombeyan caves, Toowoon bay, Hunter Valley, Kosciuszko national park, Lane Cove, Kangaroo Valley are a few of the places we have camped this year. Use the search bar to find out more about them! We have also gone to my favourite place on earth, down the South Coast and as always loved every minute! I cannot wait to camp more with my kids in the new year.


So there you have it!

Did you have any travel goals for 2017? Did you make those goals happen?

Safe travels:


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10 thoughts on “End of 2017 review!

  • Katherine

    You had a busy year! Nice work, you’ve been to heaps more places than I have in Australia.
    So my only real plans for 2017 were to get home to Sydney for a bit and to do some road tripping around California. I’m happy to say that I accomplished both of those things. We were in Sydney for a couple of weeks in late January/early February and we did heaps of road tripping and camping this year too. We went back to LA for a weekend, went on about three camping trips (one back to Yosemite, which is amazing), and down the coast to Monterey.
    But I still haven’t gotten to Lake Tahoe! It’s a massive oversight on my part, so I think I’ll make it a goal for 2018. Happy travels!

    • travelswithmumblog@gmail.com Post author

      I think road tripping and camping is the best type of travel especially if done with family! I can imagine how amazing Yosemite is!

  • Suger

    We’ve never really had travel goals. We’re pretty happy heading up the beach to camp not far from our home. But perhaps I need to reconsider this, add some goals to the list and see more of this gorgeous country we live in. Happy New Year!

    • travelswithmumblog@gmail.com Post author

      Happy New year to you as well! Camping not far from home , especially at the beach, is one of the best types of travel!

  • Denyse

    Oh wow. What a place to view the fireworks!! I reckon you did pretty darned well with your plans because LIFE gets in the way sometimes and all that jazz. Best wishes for this year too! Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek 2/52. Next week the optional prompt is My Favourite Weather.