The best Christmas present for travelling kids!

When you are a single mum travelling with the kids solo, safety is the number one priority. But as the kids get older they want some freedom to explore on their own, and lets be honest sometimes I just want to sit and read my book, not follow the kids around while they ride the whole park!

For a long time I have been thinking about getting the kids and I walkie talkies. So many times we would say to each other ” We really need Walkie talkies right now!” (generally while the kids are negotiating with me on what they want to do, instead of hanging out with me!) I could see how much freedom it would give to the kids, and freedom to me at the same time!

So this year was the year I made it happen.

Well actually my mum made it happen…. with help from me!

We celebrate Christmas early with my family and so it was a couple of weekends ago that my mum gifted the younger two some Uniden Handheld Radios in the triple pack.

And they are awesome!!!

Here are some of the features!

Three handheld radios

Three different colours (no fighting over whose is whose!)

Belt clips

Built for Australian and New Zealand conditions

3kmplus range

Powered by 3 AAA batteries

20 plus hour operating time

Compact design

Cheap to buy

Easy for the kids to use.

So far we have used them down the park, down at the Christmas Carols (where there was thousands of people!!) and once while I went to the shops to test out the range. They have worked very well and the kids  (and I !) love them and cannot wait to use them on our travels!

To be honest the price of the units is what mainly attracted me to the Uniden beaded ones specifically. At only $59 ( JB – Hifi ) for all three, I am not overly paranoid about the kids losing them, accidentally braking them or them ending up in a pool! They also sell these units in individual and duo packs so I can add on or replace if needed in the future.

I also loved the idea that they say they have a range of three plus kms. That seems quiet a long range…. not that I’m comfortable with the kids being that far anyway! and unlike Mobile phones they don’t rely on signal. I was a bit wary about the fact that they take batteries rather then be rechargeable…. but really that is obviously convenient if you are out in the bush without power, and they say the battery power lasts 20 hours so I don’t think you will be changing them that often!

And lastly I would like to note that even though they come with belt clips I found they fell of us quiet easily. Now each of our Walkie Talkies have lanyards on them …

What do you think about the idea of Walkie talkies for your travels…. or even adventures around your home town?

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