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Travelling costs, it doesn’t matter how you do it, whether it’s camping or staying in luxury hotels, you will need money to travel!

Lots of people think they can’t save for travel, it’s out of their reach. But if I, as a single mum, can do it so can you!

Each month I will show you what small things I do to help us save money so that we have more for our travel fund.


This month I will be showing you how to make cheap,quick and easy drawstring bags that are useful for many reasons! 


I use drawstring bags for everything! They help divide items while travelling, making everything easier to find. I also have made drawstring bags to use as wrapping for presents, in fact I don’t buy wrapping paper for Christmas, opting to use drawstring bags that are reused year after year.

Now I need to note right here that I am not an expert sewer. I have been making bags for many years though, on my cheap sewing machine and they are one the easiest things you can make, taking you literally minutes to complete.

Here is what you need:

Sewing machine ( with your thread of choice)

Fabric ( I always make mine out of recycled fabric… sheets, pillow cases, off cuts work well and cost you next to nothing or are free!)


Bias binding / ribbon / cord

Safety pin or skewer


  1. Cut your fabric to the size you require. I used a short cut in this example, using the corner of a pillow case to cut down on sewing two seams.  Otherwise, think about how you can best use your fabric. Cutting a long rectangle that you can fold over rather then cutting two separate pieces also cuts down on sewing a seam.
  2. Turn the fabric inside out ( right sides of facing other)and fold down a pocket of about 3cm along the top where there drawstring will fit through. Sew along this.
  3. Next sew down the remaining sides you have. In my example I only had one side seam, while you may have two or more seams to sew.(2 sides and one bottom) Take care not to sew over the top pocket (where the cord will go) at one of the side seams because that is where the drawstring will go.
  4. Now its time to think about what you are going to use as a drawstring. I often use bias binding that I sew closed, otherwise you can use cord or ribbon.
  5. Thread your “drawstring” through the pocket at the top of the bag. I have found it easiest when you pin and saftey pin to your cord and used this to thread it through.
  6. when you get it through so you have both ends sticking out, tie together and turn the bag in the right way.
  7. Hey presto… you have a bag!


So there you have it… a cheap way to store your belongings and wrap presents!

What do you think you could use a drawstring bag for?

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