Five reasons why I love camp kitchens!

One of the best aspects for me when staying in a Caravan / Camping park is the camp kitchen, it is one of the things that we check out as soon as we arrive at the park! These facilities are very popular nowadays, in fact there isn’t many established parks that don’t have one. While they all vary from park to park, all seem to have a least the basics, while others have have so much more!

Here is five reasons why I love Camp Kitchens.

Great place to meet people!

We have found that the Camp kitchen to be the centre of the camp ground, a place for people to congregate and meet like minded travellers. I find it awesome to chat to people around the bbq, sink or table. I love to  find out their stories and to gather hints and tips from them. Ideas about different set ups, what works for them and might work for us helps me plan for future adventures.  When on road trips it is the place to get “real” advice about where to go and where not to go and the inspiration I get from others is one thing that keeps me going!

They have sinks, fridges, stoves, bbqs and sometimes an oven!

You can literally turn up to some camp grounds and not even have to bring your own cooker! Most Camp Kitchens have a fridge (awesome for us who don’t often travel with an esky!) and stove top / bbq. They also have a sink and most of the time provide wash up liquid and tea towels. Microwave ovens and  kettles are also generally standard in a camp kitchen but sometimes you will find a hot water system so you don’t have to wait for boiling water for your cup of tea! I have also found that ovens are slowly making more of an appearance at camp kitchens which is awesome for cooking up a lasange!

Often have cooking equipment

Most camp kitchens have some cooking utensils such as cutting knives, tongs, bottle openers, pots,pans. This makes it great for when you might have forgotten something. I have been to a couple of places that have camp kitchens that provide eating cutlery and plates / bowls. So handy for everyone not just the back packers!


One of the main benefits of the camp kitchen is it is an awesome haven during bad weather, especially when you camp in a small tent! Most are fully enclosed and have cooling or heating systems. My favourite have wood burning fireplaces! Hanging out during bad weather in the camp kitchen is always better then sitting in the tent!

Often have entertainment (tv, games, books, tabletennis)

Most camp kitchens have a TV and power points to charge electronics. Many have a book shelf (my favourite form of entertainment when travelling!) that you can exchange books, and some have board games available to use. I have also been in two camp kitchens lately that had a pool table and table tennis table to entertain the kids while I’m cooking dinner.

I have in many camp kitchens while camping…

Here are some of my favourites! ( clink links to go to Website of Camp Grounds or my blog posts!)

Cradle mountain caravan park,

Kosciuszko (check out my post here)

Bays Holiday Park (Anna Bay),

Blackheath Glen Holiday Park (check out my post here)

Big 4 Melbourne

Discovery Lagoon Kangaroo Island (check out my post here)


I do sincerely love a good camp kitchen! Sometimes it is the thing that makes or breaks my visit to a Camping ground!

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