Fairfield Adventure Park 6

Fairfield Adventure Park is an amazing park built specifically for Tweens and Teenagers!

The main structure in the park is huge and catches your eye as soon as you enter the carpark. The 11 metre high structure is accessed by a climbing net and to me it was pretty scary… but for the kids it was amazing! From the top the kids can walk across the bridge and access three steep and curvy slippery dips that sent them down to the sandy base. While my eldest manage the rope climb to the top easily my youngest decided to take the option of walking up one of the slippery dips… (after checking there was no one coming down first of course) apparently that was easier and less scary for her!

The main attraction isn’t all there is to experience at the park. There are four of the very popular flying foxes available to ride on throughout the playground, two at the end of a tree house type of construction, which contains challenging rope bridges each getting more tricky as you move along the structure. They also have an area which reminds me of something from a “Tuff Mudda” competition. Balance beams, tyre and rope climbs, swinging poles and rope pyramids all form part of the course which is really quiet challenging on not only the legs but the upper body muscles. The human foosball field was interesting, six a side soccer but with a foosball twist! and the tug of war rope was lying there waiting to be played with. If you had a bunch of friends, both could be real fun to have a competition with!

There was some smaller structures for the younger children to play on, a mini tramp was popular with them as well as some swings and a smaller (but still quiet challenging ) rope climb. There is minimal equipment for the very young (or less brave!) but with sand to play with under the giant structure it still could be entertaining with little ones if you brought with you a bucket and spade. Also be aware that there is no fencing to keep the toddlers contained so keep an eye on them!

Overall we found this to be an awesome park, one that we could have stayed longer then the two hours we did. (commitments had us leaving too soon!) Lastly I will leave you with the kids favourite parts:

Jay (10 years): I liked the obstacle course… there was lots of climbing and sliding down the rope climb!

Ivy (7 years): I loved the big slides! because they were really really big!

What: Fairfield Adventure Park

Where: Vine Street, Fairfield, NSW, Australia

How much?: Free!

Need to know: There is some picnic tables and gazebos but take a picnic blanket just in case you miss out!, We went on a weekday and there was literally noone there… I can imagine it would be a very busy place on the weekends, Fairfield Train Station is 10 mins walk away, Fairfield Swim Centre is across the carpark for a swim after playing, there is a toilet block within the park and a water fountain.

Do you love a good park? Which one is your favourite?

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6 thoughts on “Fairfield Adventure Park

  • Deborah

    Oh that looks amazing. I don’t have kids but spend time with kids’ friends every so often and am amazed at how fare ‘parks’ have come since I was a kid. Locally Council seems to coordinate so each one has different things I think that’s a great idea as I know friends appreciate that they can alternate parks and not have to go to the same ones all of the time. And parks that offer some challenge like the adventure park are – of course – great for kids of all ages. Even the (ahem) non-kids. #teamlovinlife

    • travelswithmumblog@gmail.com Post author

      Yes! there isso many different types of parks around nowadays! With many different ideas for the kids to challenge themselves!