Kids recommend: The Penguin Parade, Phillip Island.

Each week I am going to ask the kids what there favourite experiences while travelling have been so far.

This week I asked Ivy (5 years old).

What have you loved the best so far?

Seeing the penguins on the beach is my favourite cause I LOVE penguins!

Why should other people do it?

Cause you see the penguins really close, they are so cute!

Phillip island penguins

Patting a stuffed Penguin at the tour

phillip island

The black, threatening clouds.

phillip island

The viewing areas

travels with mum

Selfie just before the rain came down.

phillip island

Dripping wet, but grateful to have seen the penguins!

Sitting on the the tiered cement stairs, we watched the fearsome, black clouds roll in over the horizon. We had prime seats to view the Penguins arrive on the beach for the evening parade that would take them across the sand and up the dunes to the place they call home. These seats gave us a clear view to be first to spot the Penguins, dressed up in their tuxedos, looking like they have just left a formal. We were grateful for these spots, they were courtesy of the previous behind the scenes tour that we had participated in, that not only introduced us to the all aspects of the Fairy penguin, but also gave us early entry to the viewing platforms.

Where we waited …for two hours.

For two hours the crowds and momentum built up around us, the temperature got colder and our bums got sorer.

For two hours we held on, not wanting to leave our spots to go to the bathroom, entertaining ourselves with books and colouring pencils, all the time scouring the shoreline for the anticipated appearance of the Penguins.

They came.
First there was one, Ivy spotted it, then suddenly there was a tidal wave of black and white, toddling up the beach as the crowed reacted with ooh’s and ahh’s.

Then it rained… the sky broke apart with the cracks of thunder and lightening and it poured!
We were wet to the bone, but that didn’t stop us staying, while others escaped to the sanctuary of shelter, we stayed watching these amazing creatures continue on their journey, up into the dunes to reunite with their loved ones. We connected with one little fella, and as he moved up the hill we followed him, walking along the boardwalk watching his every move as he tripped over, pushed pass and squawked at his fellow species.

The kids loved it, I loved it.
We didn’t want to leave, and when we finally did we were one of the last.

Weary, cold and very very wet we crossed the car park keeping an eye out under our car for any stray Penguins, and striped off before settling into our seats.
“That was amazing!” said Jay, and both Ivy and I agreed. It’s why we had taken the road trip to Victoria and it had instantly become a highlight.

Where?: Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia.
Where to buy tickets: Online, Tourist information Centre on Philip Island, At the penguin parade.
How much?: Ad: $24.50, Ch: $12.25, Pen: $17.15, Fam $61.50  Behind the scenes tour (only during school holidays) Ad: $10.30 Ch: $5.15
Need to know: Take warm clothes even in summer, you can’t take photos of the Penguins, you will be waiting for a while, so be prepared….it’s worth it!
Where we stayed: Anchorage Park, Ventor, Phillip Island.

and lastly here is some words of wisdom from Ivy ….words of wisdom


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