Billy Cart Races: Bringing the local community together! 2

There is nothing better then a local community event and the Holmesville Hotel Billy Cart races is one event that really does bring everyone together for fun day!

Held annually down the street directly in front of the Historic Hotel, the Billy cart races are a day that everyone can enjoy.

Aligning the street the locals had set up their gazebos, fold out chairs and even Barbeques ready to enjoy the day. The pub was doing great business, the beer was flowing steadily with the main crowd hanging out under the awning which just so happened to be also the finish line.

After weaving our way through the crowds, stopping to say hello every now and then to people that we recognised, the kids decided that the prime spot for viewing was the starting line…. up the hill! We positioned ourselves just in front of the ramps which are used to launch the carts down the hill and immediately began to pick out our favourites! There was everything from the basic Billy carts of my youth to the sophisticated designs built for speed to the Carts that were purely for fun. The kids favourite was definitely the bath tub… complete with rubber ducky driver and running water!

Encouraged by the commentators, the crowd cheered them on as they came down the hill. There was some spills but nothing dangerous, in fact the closer they got to the hay bails the more thrilling the race was. Heats of both the kids and adults divisions led to finals with the grand final being conducted just in time before the rain came pouring down. I can’t even tell you what the winner received…maybe a case of beer for all I know!… but I don’t even think that matters, everyone who participated had a fun time!

We left with a sausage sandwich in our hand, happy that we come to see the Holmesville Hotel Billy Cart Races and planning and dreaming of a design for our own entry next year!

Where: Holmesville Historic Hotel : 21 George Street Holmesville, NSW, Australia

When: Annually generally around the first weekend in October.

How much?; Free!! unless you want a feed or a beer… then you have to pay!

Need to know: The events start early and run through to just after lunch, take yourself some fold out chairs unless you don’t mind standing or sitting in the gutter (like we did!), there was a jumping castle and face painting available for the kids, a BBQ was running or a pub feed was available for lunch.

Whats your favourite local event?

Have you every been to a Billy Cart Race?

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