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This year was the younger kids and my first time at ComicCon… in fact it was the first time we had been to any Convention of this type!

We had an awesome day!!… here is our top 5 reasons why we loved our day!


It is not unusual for nearly everyone  who attends ComicCon to dress up or Cosplay. Varying from the homemade, to the prebought to the absolutely extravagant Cosplayers take becoming their favourite characters very seriously! The kids love Stars Wars so dressing up as characters from the movies was a given. They also had a chance to enter a Cosplay competition and the people who entered were amazing… neither of the kids won but they had a great time being part of the action.


Every type of merchandise, from nearly every type of mainstream comic characters, as well as fringe anime, is available. There was so much available that for me it was overwhelming (I’m not really into merchandise …)  but everyone seemed to love to be able to pick up something that represented their favourite character. The kids had earned $15 each from pocket money so with that burning a hole in there pockets, we checked many stall holders for the best deals. In the end the kids where very happy with their purchases.

Meeting characters/ 

With so many people Cosplaying wasn’t long till the kids came across some of their favourite characters. The rule is that you need to ask to get a pic with them… that’s is if you aren’t to star struck!! Which my daughter was with her favourite character Ladybug! They also have have a variety of speakers and guest panelists talking about many different topics. We heard from some YouTubers, watched a Star Wars unboxing and heard from some professional CosPlayers. All panels are listed in the program so you can play how you want to see.

Gaming centre

Not my favourite spot… but definitely my sons! With screens set up with all the latest games and gaming systems available to play on, kids (and adults) have a chance to play with either their mates, complete strangers or the volunteers that are roaming around giving advice. My son was in his element, chating to like minded people about the games and cheering everyone on.


One of my favourite reasons that I loved ComicCon was the pricing. An adult ticket cost $37 online (with a little extra for processing) and with every Adult entry you recieved a free child ticket (under 12 years). As long as you didn’t go too mad with buying merchandise than this made the day fairly reasonable for families.


Have you been To ComicCon?

What was your favourite part?

Safe Travels!



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12 thoughts on “5 reasons why we loved ComicCon 2017

  • Joanne Tracey

    I’ve never been, but it’s something that more & more people I know seem to be talking about year on year. I remember getting off the train at Beecroft last year and seeing a perfect Jessica Rabbit also alighting. Glad you had a fabulous day.

    • travelswithmumblog@gmail.com Post author

      It is an interesting day! Comics and their characters seem to be just as big as every nowadays so I can see how your husbands business is thriving!

  • Vanessa

    I love the panel sessions. Sadly the one person I wanted to see this year didn’t have one so I skipped the event. I guess that’s a risk of fan based events – if you’re not a fan, there’s not a big drawcard! Still, if I had been feeling better I might have gone just to wander and see the cosplay etc.

    • travelswithmumblog@gmail.com Post author

      Im not a fan of anyone really… but I can see how that would affect your decision to go or not! hope you are feeling better now.

  • Denyse

    I had not even heard about this until bloggers began posting in 2016. I know it must be great when families can share this experience as one. Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek 39/52. Next week: Letter to My 20 year old Self.

    • travelswithmumblog@gmail.com Post author

      Same here… last year I think there was a few bloggers who were given the opportunity to visit, definitely got me interested!