How I gained confidence to travel solo with my kids. 13

By the time I began writing this blog I already had been a single mum for 6 years, I had travelled to five countries and had gone on numerous camping and road trips within Australia. It had become very easy for me to just pack up the kids and go.

I forget how much confidence it took to take that first step to travel.

I have forgotten how nervous I was, how unprepared I felt and how much I questioned every moment leading up to leaving.

But one thing I will never forget is the feeling of happiness and joy I gained by spending time travelling with my children especially in those early days.

But how did I gain the confidence to take that first step? And more importantly how do I continue to have the confidence while planning to explore new places.

I guess it all started with the realisation that if I wanted to gain the most out of life I couldn’t wait for someone else to hold my hand. I couldn’t wait till another family member or friend was ready to travel with us. If I wanted to travel with my kids then I had to make a move… not wait for others to show me the way.

I began small with day trips on public transport or travelling a couple of hours in the car to explore a new location. Always with a bag full of food and activities to amuse the kids! We saw so much of our local area this way and it gave me the confidence to spread our wings further.

Then came our first camping trips together. Overnights only a couple of hours form home with all facilities and generally close to a beach. This was our time to experiment, to discover what worked, what we needed (or didn’t need!) but most importantly how to travel together harmoniously without wanting to kill each other!

When our first road trip to Tasmania came along I knew that we were ready. I was still nervous, three weeks camping with five children, the youngest being 18 months, was a pretty mean feat. I also knew that if we didn’t do it then we might never, so we jumped in feet first, learnt more on the road and had an amazing time!

And the rest as they say is history. Camping and road trips led to planning overseas trips and now its second nature to plan, pack and leave!

Do I still need a confidence boast?

Do I still need reassurance that every thing will work out fine?

Do I get scared when taking my kids to unknown places?

Sure I do!

I have written here about my fears before. I fear terrorism, getting lost, not knowing the language, the car breaking down, losing a child, falling ill or getting seriously hurt in a foreign country, the camping equipment failing us, being robbed / ripped off, the family not enjoying our destination and having a miserable time and that’s just to name a few of my fears!!

The reality is that my fears will only hold me back and knock my confidence in my abilities to travel solo with my kids.

I refuse to listen and give into those fears.

I refuse to loss my confidence, because traveling with my kids is very important to me.


Is  your confidence in your abilities holding you back from travelling solo with your kids?

Don’t let that stop you from experiencing  the joy I get from my adventures with my children. You can do it…. start small and before you know it you will be showing them the world!

Safe Travels





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13 thoughts on “How I gained confidence to travel solo with my kids.

  • Miranda

    I love this! Thanks for sharing. Courage is not the absence of fear, but doing something in spite of the fear. And what could be more important than taking a risk so our kids have a better life:)

  • Joanne Tracey

    I wish my sister would read this post. A single Mum she’s often said that she wants to travel, but has no one to travel with – so she doesn’t. Yet, she’s seen me travel with my daughter & without my husband. I can’t count he number of times I try to tell her exactly what you’ve written. The experiences – and sharing those experiences with your children – are priceless.

  • Deborah

    My local bestie has a (now) 6yr old and I know she’s keen to travel with him. She has a partner but he’s not particularly interested in travel as far as I know and so she’s mentioned – on a couple of occasions – that she’d go alone. I’m not sure she’s thought that far ahead but I think her son is the right age to start experiencing other places and cultures! It would be daunting though. #teamlovinlife

  • Kirsty Russell

    Wow, this is such a timely post for me to read (I’ve just released a book on travelling as an autism family). We also lacked confidence when we first travelled as a family, but for different reasons to you. We have two kids on the autism spectrum and it was terrifying taking those first small steps when we had no guarantee all would be well. We’ve conquered most of our fears now and have taken our kids on successful trips overseas but you never stop worrying and you can never forget the sheer terror of that first trip. Well done on working through your fears and giving yourself and your kids an enriching life of travel!