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I was enticed…by the Instagram pics and by the blog posts… The Titanic Exhibition in Sydney looked amazing!

I knew that I wanted to visit and experience it for myself as soon as possible!

Upon entering the exhibition we were given a boarding pass, it gave us the details of a passenger, a few lines on their history and what class they were staying on their voyage. We started comparing each other’s cards… we knew for sure my mums was going to survive. She was a rich woman who was travelling home from an African safari with many trunks of possessions, as well as her son and two servants who all occupied three first class suites on the titanic! She was definitely going to be first on the life boats!!! While I was the mistress of a married man, we all agreed that my chance of survival was poor… but we had to wait till the end of the exhibition to find out our fate!

The exhibition itself was very interesting. As you moved around the exhibits from room to room you were introduced to many aspects of the Titanic, from its construction to its setting sail to its final demise on the open seas! Each part of the Exhibition helped piece together what life was like aboard for each of the classes. We saw examples of their sleeping quarters, what activities they were involved in even saw the differences in the dining crockery between each of the classes from first to third.

The ship itself was beautiful, stunning in fact. It was so big that it could hold a little over 2200 passengers, had a swimming pool, Turkish baths, and a squash court and it was so luxurious that 2nd class passengers thought that they had been accidentally put into first class dining room. The crew were also reported to be very satisfied with their quarters and working conditions on board the Titanic a rarity for shipping crews of the day. Although the Journey only lasted 4 and half days, those days were said to be filled with glamour and glitz.

So many facts stood out to me during my time at the exhibition, some I already knew, others I did not. Like did you know there was a fire that was burning in the coal stores from even before they set sail? New research has shown that this had a big impact on how the ship handled the collision and why it sank so fast. Also the fact that the Captain had previously had a collision with a naval ship while navigating the Titanic’s sister ship the Olympic? There is talk that he was struggling to handle the bigger, newer type of ships that were beginning to be produced. And lastly why they were traveling so fast through an ice field containing ice burgs while there was no binoculars in the crows nest!!! So many reasons from lack of coal to trying to be the fastest ship on the seas, and the fact that the guy who was to be in the crows nest was dismissed just as they were to set sale… he may have taken the binoculars home!

The exhibition finished with displays including videos of the discovery of the Titanic’s resting place and some cool displays of the 1997 Titanic movie including costumes worn by the cast.

But what about our survival rates!?! Well… out of 9 of us, four of us didn’t survive.. me included!

Watch our day on our recent YouTube video click the link here.

Where: Byron Kennedy Hall, Entertainment Quater, Moore Park, Sydney, Australia

How much: Prices vary… we went on a Weekday and it was the cheapest price…$70 for a family of four.. check out prices for when you want to attend online.

Need to know: Public transport is easy from Central station check out on the state rail website, food and drink is not to be consumed inside the exhibition but there is space to eat a picnic and there is food outlets in the entertainment quarter close by, the exhibition closes soon in Sydney, Make sure you ask any questions to the staff they are so knowledgeably!, the Exhibition takes about 1 and a half to two hours to complete and although my kids really enjoyed it.. its not very hands on so if that’s the type of exhibition you and your kids are looking for maybe it might not be your style.

The Titanic Exhibition closes on Friday the 22nd September 2017 so get there quick!!

Have you been to the Titanic Exhibition?

What did you think?

Safe Travels!


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