Top 5 reasons why you should camp in the forest with your kids! 4

I love camping in the forest with my kids!!!

In fact its probably my favourite type of family travel.. here is my top five reasons why!!


*Cheap / free

Camping in most areas of the Australian bush, whether its in a National Park, a State park or even a Conservation area, is cheap or even free! Some are near some family friendly bushwalks, a creek or river and some let you have a campfire or take your dogs!. Always check with the respective website (or Wiki Camps!) for more details before heading off.. its on those sites that you will find out everything you need to know so that you don’t do the wrong thing!

*Exposure to nature

As Richard Louvre says in his book (” Last Child in the Woods: Saving our Children from Nature – Deficit disorder”)  … “Time in Nature is not Leisure time: it’s an essential investment in our children’s health”. Exposure to nature is not only beneficial for our children’s health its is also beneficial to the world that we live in. If our children have a love for the natural environment then they will want to part of the movement to save it, and the only way they will learn to love it ….is by being immersed in it! and that can only benefit our world!

*No screen time!

My kids are just like any other kids nowadays… they love their screen time… but when you camp in the bush there is a very high probability that there will be no internet! and that means that there is no way that they can beg you to go on any devices! Seriously, its amazing how creative and active children can be when they are thrown into nature especially if you don’t bring any extra toys etc with you. My kids love to build fairy gardens, whittle sticks to make spears, make dams in the creek, climb rocks and balance across logs all from the natural environment around them.

*Character building

There are so many Virtues that camping in the bush encourages and develops within us and our Children… such as Patience (when the food takes for ever to cook on the fire and you are STARVING!) Flexibility ( when things don’t go as planned!) Trust (that you are in a safe environment and that the tent will not fall down!) Kindness ( to each other, because you are living in a very small space!) Creativity ( not only to keep yourself entertained but also sometimes to fix equipment around the campsite) Cleanliness ( because dirt in your sleeping bag is not fun!) Confidence ( that you will be able to camp successfully in the bush!) Courtesy ( to not only each other, but other campers… nobody loves noisy kids running through their campsite!) Determination ( to not give up when camping doesn’t go to plan!) Orderliness ( keep the camp clean otherwise you will not be able to find anything!) and lastly Helpfulness ( kids learn pretty fast how to cook, light a fire and to set up a tent when camping in the bush!)

*Family bonding

My last reason, and my most important reason, is because you grow stronger and closer as a family.  The memories that you make, will be spoke about for a long time and your bond with your kids will only get stronger…Sitting around the campfire, chatting about life and listening to your children share their dreams and hopes for their futures beats any day spent at home!

All pictures are from our night away at The Pines Campground, Olney State Forrest, NSW, Australia.

Do you camp in the bush with your kids?


What is your favourite part about the experience?

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4 thoughts on “Top 5 reasons why you should camp in the forest with your kids!

  • Alicia O'Brien

    Our favourite spots to camp in the bush are along the Glenelg river in western Victoria. Last time was rather wet and muddy, but great all the same. We’ll need a new tent next time we go though, the one we have was on it’s last legs on that camping trip!

  • oldhouseintheshires

    Love this post! Im from the Uk and we would always camp with our children; especially when they were smaller for all the reasons you say. We have also had some great trips when we have just got in the car and drove……thank you for posting! #MommyMondays