Fun with Disc Golf! 9

On the weekend we discovered a fun, FREE, outdoor activity that all the family can enjoy…

Disc Golf!!

I will admit that my son has an obsession with the guys from “Dude perfect”… the YouTubers that do amazing tricks with basketballs, ping pong ball, cards and Frisbee’s! He is so obsessed that he convinced his Granny to buy him some Frisbee’s from the Op shop the other week and has been throwing them around…Everywhere! (Thanks mum!?!)

On our travels I discovered that Disc Golf course exist in many park lands, I have come across them in Canada, New Zealand, Jindabyne (Australia) and right in our own neighborhood at Jesmond Park. So without really knowing what we were doing, we headed to our local course to test out our skills at this game.

Literally the game is very similar to golf, but instead of clubs and a ball, disc golf is played with Frisbee’s (or flying discs) and the “hole” is a specially designed basket (or target). The course at Jesmond, NSW, Australia has nine targets and the instructions and rules of play are clearly outlined on a sign at the beginning of the course. To find a “winner” you keep score of each players throws till they get their disc into each of the baskets and the lowest number of total throws is the winner.

We didn’t keep score, we just enjoyed the act of throwing the Frisbee’s towards the baskets while trying to avoid trees, bushes and water ways! It was fun and easy to play for all ages…( in fact the hardest part was trying to find the basket that we were aiming for!) and we cant wait till have a go at another course and maybe watching a competition in the future!


Where: Jesmond Park, NSW, Australia ( and throughout the world!)

How much?: Free! (after you buy a Frisbee!)

Need to know?: You can purchase cheap Frisbee’s / Disc’s at Kmart, wear comfortable / enclosed shoes, the park it self has playgrounds, bathrooms and bbqs, The park also has a bike / walking path as well as a bush path.

Have you ever played Disc Golf?

Safe Travels;


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