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I love local Museums! They are generally free or cheap and great to fill in a day, especially while travelling when the weather is not great. My favourite Museum is our home town local… The Newcastle Museum.

The kids favourite part of the Museum is the hands on activities in the Super Nova space. This area is a constant, the same experiences have been here forever!! Bit my kids never get board of it! Each child has there favourite activity, my sons is both the throwing tunnel and the rope mind puzzle… after so many years of trying he finally worked it out a couple of visits ago and now proudly demonstrates to other how to do it! My youngest daughters is the lever which when you pull down with the help of a couple of friends lifts up a car!! Even my older kids have favourites generally the ones that test their minds although they did enjoy jumping on the seismograph panel to test it out last time we were there! This area also includes as “mini nova” space which is basically a soft indoor playground, my youngest is so disappointed she has out grown it!

On of the other permanent exhibits is the “Newcastle Story”. This space showcases some of the Newcastle areas history from its first inhabitants though to the present day. It includes the towns involvement in the wars, its sports people, famous bands and personalities and of course the earthquake that rocked the city back in 1989. It also contains a tram that the kids ( and adults) can clamber on!

The third permanent section is titled “fire and earth” and is a great display on the city’s coal mining and steel production history. The best part about this experience is the presentation of the “BHP experience”. A visual and auditory appealing show that grabs you attention from the start as it demonstrates the steel making process. It runs on the hour so listen out for the announcements as the presentation time approaches.

Through out the year the Museum also has visiting exhibitions. Recently we went to an exhibition on the Pasha Bulka ( a tanker that washed up onto the beach) that was at no cost but generally these visiting exhibitions have a small admission fee attached.They also have various events on during the year especially during school holidays… check out their website for more!

We love the Newcastle Museum and while its not a museum you would spend a whole day at, it definitely is great to fill in a couple of hours while visiting Newcastle!

Where: 6 Workshop Way  Newcastle NSW 2300 Australia

How much?: FREE!!!

Need to Know: They have a cafe on site, It is close to the harbour and honeysuckle, the staff are always willing to help and answer questions, You have to pay for parking unless you go on a Sunday and park in Hunter street and take the short walk.

What do love about Museums?

Which is you favourite?

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