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I have heard so much about Bungarribee Park, situated in the Western  Sydney Parklands, that I had to take the kids there to see it for myself.

I must admit, when I pulled up in the “Green point carpark” area of Bungarribee parkland, I was a bit underwhelmed. Yes I could see the huge building like play structure, and I suppose it looked pretty amazing, but nothing I saw really grabbed my attention. Never the less it certainly grabbed the kids attention and they flew out of the car, running at full speed towards the play area. I slowly toddled along behind them, looking around at what I was approaching, trying to figure out the awe struck wonderness of the kids. I could hear my daughter calling me, her voices echoing out from the end of the structure, I reluctantly approached and it was then that it hit me, the “awesomeness” of this place. stretched out in front of my was a huge gaping entrance begging me to enter. I immediately ran inside, the cement floor undulating underneath my feet, challenging both my legs and my mind. My son decided a race was in order, me against him, who could make it to the top of the tower first. I was a bit concerned, not about winning the race (that was never going to happen!) but becoming stuck, of being too big for some areas!  My concerns were uncalled for, the space provides opportunities for all shapes/sizes and abilities to progress through and soon I found my self on top of the tower overlooking the green space and out to the mountains in the far distance. Coming down from the tower was a lot easier on the legs, and the back, so soon I was chasing the kids back through the structure, this time opting for a quick exit down one of shinning slides!

After the initial thrill of the climbing tower I set to explore with the kids the rest of the playground area. Immediately my youngest was drawn to the water play space, a multitude of water pumps, water canals and damming devices for the children to explore and experiment with. Working together, and with another playground friend, the kids manipulated the water around the canals and further down onto the sand. Watching I couldn’t help but think how amazing this area would be on a hot summers day! Surrounding the tower play structure we also discovered “spiny” devices (the ones that make me feel ill just looking at them!), hammocks, running tracks, rope swings, small slippery dip, sandpit areas and the most amazing collection of sandy mounds, just right for running and jumping off! (or for a tricky game of “tips”!). The kids were content to play and I was content to sit on one of the many bench seats and watch. As I was gazing around the park, taking in the sights of the plentiful picnic shelters and BBQs that the park had on offer, something that caught my eye, something that would make put this park visit to the test. Bungarribee park has a “Flying Fox!” Just the mention of the words “Flying fox” sent the kids in a whirlwind, running in the direction I was pointing to, clambering onto the first available ones. Now we have been on many flying foxes, some shocking, some ok and some brilliant. Bungarribee parks’ is definitely the later. This flying fox is purpose built for kids, so that they can use it themselves and have a thrilling experience without the need for adults to help, with a great length, ease of use and a excellent swing out at the end (although you might have to watch this with the littlest ones!) I even gave it a trail run!

After my initial disappointment from the carpark I soon discovered that Bungarribee is anything but a “normal” playground. If we didn’t have to head off back up the motorway to home we would have stayed here for much longer. Next time the bikes are coming so we can explore the tracks as well as some sausages for the BBQ!

Where: Bungarribbee Park (part of the Western Sydney parklands), Intersection of Holbeche and Doonside roads, Bungarribee, NSW, Australia.

( put this address in your gps/ googlemaps otherwise you might be like me and end up every where else except at the playground, Western Parklands is huge!!!)

How much?: Free (my favourite type of day out!)

Need to know: The park is fairly new so trees are still immature, grass is trying to grow and at the moment it looks a bit sparse, but in time this will all become established and add to the attraction of the park, there is plenty of picnic shelters/ bbqs, if you want to reserve one for a function check online, there is bathroom facilities close by, keep an eye on your adventurous little ones when they are in the large tower structure, take your bikes so you can explore the area more, there is a off leash dogs area on the other side of the park.

Have you been to visit Bungarribee park!?!

What is your or your kids  favourite part of a playground?

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