My traveling tribe. 8

Mother’s Day is here!!! So I thought I would take the chance to introduce me and my tribe! 

Firstly this my beautiful eldest daughter. She is adventurous, daring and not really fearful of anything! She has sky dived, Bungy jumped, white water rafted,scuba dived and is a ledgend on the ski fields! She is also a talented Sfx makeup artist who loves to create scary blood covered creatures! She loves to travel both with us and her friends. At 22years she has the whole world at her fingertips! . …I love her so much! 

This here is my beautiful 20 (nearly 21!) year old daughter! She loves performing arts, specifically Drama, has her own YouTube channel (traversjas), loves her dog Charlie and watches Japanese anime! Her main focus when it comes to travel is the food, in fact it was main reason she wanted go to Italy!! This year she has planned a short solo trip to Melbourne and if all goes to plan she will be working at a Summer camp in America next year! Love this girl so much! .

This amazing girl is my middle child. At 18years she is smart, determined and loyal to her family. She loves Japanese Anime and absolutely loved travelling to Japan last year! She is presently studying Criminal and Community Justice at Uni planning on being a juvenile justice worker. Studying isn’t going to stop her travels though, as she has plenty of places on her bucket list! . Lots of love for this girl! .

This is my beautiful boy! He is the only boy on the family and he makes sure everyone knows this fact! He has a great sense of humour, is caring, loves his soccer (football), enjoys reading and gives the best cuddles! He absolutely loves camping and can set up a campsite all by himself. Love my son so much! 

This here is my baby girl (even if she is 6!) She is our free spirit and has a caring soul. She loves to snow ski, explore the outdoors and she has started her first season in soccer. She adores all animals, and is concerned about the environment and our impact on it.  She will often pick up rubbish that she sees while we are out in nature. She loves to travel although she doesn’t exactly love long road trips! Love her! 

Lastly it’s me!! I’m  a single mother of five, an Early Childhood educator and lover of travel! I like to get outdoors as much as possible, I love to camp and hike and really don’t like housework! I’m frugal, I budget hard and miss out on a lot of things so that I can show my kids Australia and the World. I really cannot believe how much we have traveled and seen in the past 6 years! I’m grateful for all those opportunities and cannot wait to see and do more! I am one lucky woman!! 

So that’s us folks! My life is amazing right now, I’m surrounded by my amazing kids and we get to explore and travel so much and I wouldn’t have it any other way! 

Till next time, 

Safe Travels 



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