Spirit of Anzac Centenary Experience

There has been areally amazing exhibition that has been travelling the nation called the Spirit of Anzac Centenary Experience.

After touring around since September 2015, it finally reached Newcastle so we  took the opportunity to see it.

The Spirit of Anzac Centenary Experience is a free interactive exhibition which immerses the visitors into the history of Australia’s involvement in the First World War. Upon arriving you are briefed on the audio system which will guide you through each of the 12 zones. It’s a simple device that switches over to the appropriate audio as you enter each area, describing in detail and enhancing what you are visualising around you. You can also use the system to access additional information within the zone by tapping the device onto special buttons. This will allow you to “collect” items of interest and if you add your email, they will send you additional fact sheets. Each zone outlines how the history of the war played out, from what life was like just before the first World War started in 1914 to life today for our forces who continue to be involved in conflict and humanitarian causes around the world. Throughout the Spirit of Anzac Centenary experience the use of artifacts, film, models and visuals draw you further into the experience and really gives you a sense of the sacrifice and courage of our forces who fought in the War.

It was an emotional experience for me, I had a tear come to my eye at one stage, but I am very glad we attended. It triggered thought provoking conversations among the children, including the youngest, and made us reflect on our military history and our countries sacrifice, presently and in the past. Both the younger children felt the need to write some words to our troops, past and present, and I was so proud when I read their messages. Both wrote words of thanks, demonstrating to me how much they understood the courage and loss it has taken to have freedom in this country of ours.

If you get a chance to attend the Spirit of Anzac Centenary experience when It arrives at its last stop in Sydney… do it.

What: Spirit of Anzac Centenary Experience.

Where: Sydney International Convention Centre

When: 15th of April – 27th April 2017

Need to know: Photography is allowed without flash, no food or drinks inside the exhibition except for water bottle, it can get very busy ..especially during a school day, you can take as long as you want to walk around..I suggest you allow about 1 1/2 hours, there isn’t any seating along the way only towards the end, some parts might be a little confronting or scary for young children.

How much: Free! But you have to book on line to secure tickets… they book out fast!!! Tickets for Sydney are available NOW!


Have you been to see the Spirit of Anzac Centenary Experience?

What did you think?


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