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A couple of months ago I bought myself a Trangia!! What’s a Trangia, you ask!?! It’s an awesome, complete, compact cooking system, that’s great for picnics, camping and hiking! And I love it!

Check out my YouTube video on the Trangia!

Trangia is a company that is based in the mountains of Sweden, and way back in 1951 the family company developed a prototype for their first Trangia stove System. In the 66 years since its first appearance the Trangia has been developed and refined but it still retains its basic, original design.

I have waited for probably nearly 30 years to get my hands on one of these!!!

There’s a few reasons why I love my Trangia.

It’s Compact.

The Trangia is designed to fit all within its self. Everything fits easily into a compact space, the two bowls go into each other before sitting inside the two wind shields, then the burner, handle and finishing off with the frypan/lid on top. It also has a strap that holds it all together. My whole unit’s dimensions are: 220mm by H105mm … very compact! I can also pack into mine two extra (small) bowls and coffee mug!

It’s Lightweight.

The 25-1 UL that I have, constructed in aluminium, comes in at 845 gm. I feel that this is so light for a cooker that caters for 3 -4 people. Obviously the smaller sized Trangia’s are lighter while if your unit has a kettle it would be heavier.

Comes in many sizes / components.

The Trangia cooking system comes in three different sizes. The 25 series(mine) caters for 3 – 4 people, the 27 series that caters for 1- 2 people, while the smallest “mini” Trangia is for solo travellers. The main difference between each of these is the saucepan sizes, the 25 series has two pans that are 1.5 litre / 1.75litres, the 27 series has two pans of 1 litre each while the mini has one pan of .08litres. (obviously, the wind shields are also varied in size). Within each series there is also some variants, some have a kettle, some non-stick and others hardanodized aluminium (I must admit that I have no idea what this is, but it sounds fancy!?!)

Easy to use

The Trangia is easy to set up / pack up and use. The set comes with easy to follow instructions and it ignites very easy. Its fuel source is  Metholayted spirits, I love this as it is a clean fuel that is so easy to find, basically all supermarkets and hardware stores stock it. The hardest part is knowing when it is lit as the flame is clear, but I just feel for the heat by waving my hand over it. It also can be a bit tricky to put out the flame, dropping the cover over it can take a bit of practise!

You can purchase items separately

All the items from the Trangia set can be purchased separately. The burner, kettle, pots, frypan as well as the pot holder each can be bought individually, so you can upgrade or replace easily. I’m planning at looking into purchasing a non-stick frypan in the future.

Can be used in all weather and conditions.

Even in the short time I have had my Trangia, I have cooked successfully in the bush, at the park, on dirt and even at the beach straight on the sand. I have also cooked in quiet windy conditions, but have yet to try it out in the rain!! When using it in wind be mindful of where the vents are as the flame will blow out if wind is passing through them.

You can control the temperature.

I love that the Trangia has a temperature control system, allowing you to have the flame at varying degrees. The unique ring allows you to vary how much you cover the flame and give you the amount of heat that you require, so that your food doesn’t burn or take too long to cook! This tooke a bit of practise to figure out the correct temps but now I’m pretty good at it!

 Don”t Forget to check out my YouTube video as well!

So are you convinced to buy a Trangia Complete cooking system?

I purchased my Trangia product from Snowys (best deal at the time and free shipping!) and you can also buy at all Anaconda stores, Paddy Pallin as well as other camping suppliers.

Prices varying from store to store and will depend on what size and components you feel you want. Mine, the 25 – 1 cost AU$109.90.

Do you camp / hike?

What do you uses as a cooking system?

Safe Travels!





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