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At the moment I’m in a bit of a rut. We had two wonderful trips in December and January (Japan and Kangaroo Island) and now …. nothing. I’m stuck in a life of normality. This is sending me stir crazy and now I’m well… not wanting to do much, but also wanting to do everything all at the same time!

My emotions are all over the place. I’m frustrated at the weather (too hot or now too rainy !), I’m frustrated at my present lack of funds, I’m frustrated that I can’t just pack up my kids and travel the world indefinitely, I’m frustrated that I have to work (even though I love my job) and I’m frustrated that the kids also have to work/go to school/go to uni. I’m in a rut, following the routine of normality when all I want to is not.

It’s times like this that I return to my mantras that I have had bluetacked to my mirror, since those horrible, soul crushing first months of being on my own. Nothing spectacular, nothing amazing and still on the scrap of paper that I have carried around for years, but they remind me to be grateful for my life, for my kids and what I have, rather then what I haven’t.

Succumbing to the inner need for having more than what we already have, is somewhat human nature, something I need to be “snapped out of” every so often and be reminded that I have so much. Kids that I love, a roof over my head, food on the table, clothing on our backs and the opportunity to part time travel spending quality time with my family. Things that many people in the world do not have, and possible never will.

To many it may sound that I’m whingeing, wanting more when I already have so much. In a way this is what travel does to you, its makes you want to see more, experience more and make more memories. It gives you itchy feet, a sense of wanderlust. Travel is like a drug…. its addictive and the highs (travelling) are amazing while the lows (not travelling) can crush you, putting you into a nearly depressant state. Travelling sucks you into a vortex, one that is very hard to get out of.

I have to get out of the vortex out of my rut and get back on track. The cure, the way I’m going to survive the weeks leading up to my next trip, is to read my daily mantras,(try) to eat healthy, go on morning walks, practice yoga / meditation, explore nature and…. go camping (of course!)

Do you sometimes need to be reminded how great your life is?

What helps you?

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19 thoughts on “Travelling blues.

  • Kristie

    Yes! I can only dream of as much travel as you do right now and I’m sure you see a heap of people traveling more than you.
    What made a difference to me (and I am someone that has never left Australia yet!) is realising that although the common message is that life is short, it is actually long. My time will come. So now when I see someone travelling somewhere amazing I make a note and set it aside knowing that I’ll get there someday.
    I have plans so I’m not just dreaming, but having acceptance for the life I live, what I can physically/emotionally/financially manage and “growing where I’m planted” has made a huge difference to my mental wellbeing.
    Good luck! I really admire the effort you put into travelling with your family and love following along. Xo

  • Kathy Marris

    Travel is a drug indeed! I’m itching to get travelling again. We often do small weekends away in our caravan just to relieve our wanderlust. We are off to Italy in less than 8 weeks so we’re getting incredibly excited about this trip. I have to pinch myself often and remind myself of how lucky I am. šŸ™‚ #TeamLovinLife

    • Post author

      Yep it’s the little trips in between that get you through the weeks till your next!! Have an amazing time in Italy!

  • Raychael Case

    Know how you feel. Well more about being in a rut and needing to get out. Less about the holiday side of things. I desperately need a holiday. Hubby has been on call the last few years at Christmas, so we have had to stay put. We have Singapore in May and that can’t come around soon enough.

  • Jo

    I think we need to be reminded all the time of how lucky we are to live in Australia, be gainfully employed and hopefully have healthy families. It’s all too easy to fall down a rabbit hole into a downward spiral of frustration. Now my kids are grown up, I long for those days when we could travel together – even though we had to wait for the school holidays and had other outward restrictions placed on our freedom and mobility. Now those days are gone, and I’m free-er … but happier? Probably not really!

    • Post author

      Yes remembering how lucky we are is always important! That’s an interesting perspective on when your children leave home… I think I will feel the same way!

  • Min@WriteoftheMiddle

    I know what you mean. I was lucky enough to experience my first ever cruise in December last year and visit Vanuatu and New Caledonia – two places I’d never been before. I got the bug – for it ALL – the experience of visiting new places and cultures AND the whole cruise thing. I wanted to do another one as soon as possible. Already 2.5 months have passed and the urgency for wanting to travel has dimmed as normal life again takes over. I would still like to do more travel as soon as possible. I would like to visit at least one new place that I haven’t been before each year. #TeamLovinLife

    • Post author

      It’s definitely addictive, you get the bug!!! I like your idea of visiting one new place each year!

  • Janet Camilleri aka Middle Aged Mama

    Hi Kerrie, I can really identify with this. Hubster and I went on a wonderful holiday to Bali last month, and now I am sad that there aren’t any other travel adventures on our horizon! It’s not that I want to go all the time, but I’d love to have something to look forward to … eg Miss 20 is going to Fiji in November, lucky girl!

    • Post author

      It definitely gets under your skin!! It having something to
      Look forward to that keeps you going… your daughter will have a wonderful time!

  • Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

    I’m a traveller too. It’ definitely addictive. I hear ya! But I’ve found that some of the biggest adventures have happened in my own back yard. Remember as a kid you could create the best expeditions through trees, bushes and tracks near home and you felt like you were off in a foreign world? I love doing the adult version around my city, where I try to look at my world through the eyes of a foreigner. It’s a totally new adventure.

    • Post author

      Absolutely!! We have been trying to get out in our own town as well, explore it like a tourist!