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If there is only one luxury stay you have while on your trip to Japan it would have to be at the Iwaso, a beautiful Ryokan on the Miyajima Island.


As we arrived at the Iwaso Ryokan I was overwhelmed by its beauty. The stunning forest that surrounds the gorgeous building has a prime position looking over the Island, but its not just the beauty of the area that was so amazing, it was the luxury of the traditional Ryokan as well as the one on one service that made it a place I will never forget.

Entering the foyer of the Iwaso we were greeted by friendly and accomadating staff, ready to cater to our every need. The ambience was calming, water from the steam that ran along the border of the property filled the senses and offered peace to our souls. Our room was a traditional Ryokan, tatami (woven straw) covered the floors and our futon bedding for the night was tucked away in a cupboard ready to be set up later.

As we had arrived quiet late in the afternoon we had just enough time to go for a quick walk around before our delicious meal was going to be served by our Nakai – san (room maid). The Island had grown quiet by this time, the crowds of tourists had left the Island so we were left in solidtude to explore the area we were going to spend the evening. We found our way down via a short walk to the waters edge, and came across the famous great Tori seemingly floating out 200 mtres from the shorline. As the sun set on the islands most famous landmark I knew we were going to love staying here on the island.

We arrived back in our room just in time to be served a traditional Japanese many course dinner. There are no words to describe how amazing this was. Since Miyajima is an island their main food source is (of course!) seafood, and each course we were presented with highlighted the areas exquisite fresh seasonal traditional recipes. Lucky our Nakai – san was very knowledgeable and shared with us what each course was that had been prepared for us, we were treated to some of the best food I have ever tasted… a highlight was the divine oysters that had been prepared for us complimented with some sake.

Another absolutely amazing not to miss experience here at Iwaso Roykan was having a soak in their gorgeous Osen. Donning a Yukata (robe) and our room slippers we made our way downstairs to be greeted with the most amazing Onsen I had seen on this trip. Boasting both indoor and outdoor baths, the Iwaso’s Onsen has the picturesque forest and stream surrounding it…with nature so close by I couldn’t help but feel relaxed and it topped off our stay.

By the time we had our soak in the Onsen we were ready to settle in for the night, and with our futons set up for us we quickly snuggled down for the night.

Our night in Iwaso Ryokan was the highlight of our stay in Japan.. I will never forget the luxury, the food, the location and unbelievable service that we received while staying there. I highly recommend you treat yourself while travelling in Japan.


Where: 345-1 MiyajimachoHatsukaichi 739-0522, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan

How much: $520Aud per night, yes its expensive! But for a unique luxurious experience you have to pay top price! Keep an eye on for a deal!

Need to know: Price includes both Dinner in your room served by a  Nakai – san and breakfast in the restaurant, take advantage of being so close to everything on the island… I woke up to sunrise on the island and walked around in absolute bliss!!! and with the forest right at you doorstep go for a walk in it!!, a Ryokan really immerses you into the Japanese culture so make sure you follow the traditions and if you are unsure of what to do just ask your Nakai – san, you will enjoy every minute of this experience!!!!


Have you ever stayed in an Ryokan?

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