Kids recommend: Ziptrek Ecotours Queenstown

Each week the kids are going to share their travel recommendations.

This week I asked Jay what he has been one of his favourite experiences while travelling.

Ziptrek Queenstown

Ziptrek Queenstown

What have you loved the best so far?

In New Zealand I loved the flying fox thing, it was fun because I got to experience it before everyone else, I was first! It was awesome!

Why should others to do it?

You are really high, you can see a lot of Queenstown, the big big lake and the mountains. It is great, you go through the bush and through the fog. Don’t be scared just try it and hang on!


When we were in Queenstown we went Zip lining with Ziptrek Ecotours,up Bobs Peak close to the centre of town.The course has 6 zip lines in total but your age and weight determines how many you can complete, because if you are not heavy enough you don’t make it to the end and the guide has to pull you across! Unfortunately, Ivy couldn’t come on the course because she is still so light, so Jay and I decided that we would brave it, and signed up in town the afternoon before the adventure.

The hike up

The hike up to the top!













You have two options of getting up to the start of Zip Trek, which is at the top of the mountain, either you catch the gondola up or hike through the bush. Being slightly crazy, and ignoring the rain that was falling, I decided that a morning hike would be a great way to start the journey. It was straight up, it was tough and half way up I realized that walking up wasn’t my best idea, but lucky the beauty of the area and the views (what I could see through the fog!) made up for the pain I was in.

Geared up and ready to go!

Geared up and ready to go!













At the top we were joined by other’s and the guides ran through safety outlines, got us to sign waivers and geared up in harnesses and helmets. The lady at the office suggested that we werr our ski gear and ski gloves, it was the middle of winter, we were so glad we took this advice we were toasty warm and dry while others where shivering. At each station when it was our turn we had to step down to a lower platform and the guide would attach us to the zip line, before sending us on our way. It was very eerie, as a result of the rain there was a lot of fog about, and each person would seem to appear from nowhere through the tree line. It was also very quiet up there, I not sure if this is how it always is or it was also a result of the weather, but this also added to the atmosphere.

Reading the boards.

Being an Eco tour company, at each platform there is signage that told us about different topics based on the environment, specific to New Zealand as well as the rest of the world. The guide’s also spoke about these environment issues and seemed very passionate about the ideals of the company.

Gondola down the mountain.

Gondola down the mountain.

When we finished were excited that we had the chance to experience Zip lining, but weren’t keen to hike back down as the rain had turned to snow flurries!!  So we gabbed a hot chocolate at the café, purchased some Jelly Belly beans for Ivy and Ambe and caught the Gondola back down the mountain.

Check out this video to see Jay come down one of the zip lines.

We had a great time Zip lining

We had a great time Zip lining

If you have a chance, have a go at Zip Lining with Zip Trek tours in one of their 3 locations around the world, you won’t regret it!




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