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I like to be fit and healthy. But keeping your fitness levels up can get very expensive, gyms are so pricey and the equipment you need can cost a fortune!

Here are some ideas that are either free or much cheaper than joining a gym!

walking the dog

Go for a walk!!

Seems obvious, right!?! Walking is probably the easiest and cheapest exercise you can do. You don’t need gym clothes, you don’t even need fancy, top notch joggers! You just need to find some time that’s suits you to get out of the house and go for a walk, you literally don’t have to go anywhere except for your neighbourhood! You can either take your kids, a friend or your dog or if you are like me and you enjoy the company of your own thoughts go by yourself!


This of course is one of my favourite ways to keep fit. Depending on the length and difficulty of the hike this will obviously determine how much energy you will burn. The added bonus of a hike is that it generally takes you to places you haven’t seen and some gorgeous sites like waterfalls , lookouts, the beach etc. Also a great chance to spend time with your family… check out my post on hiking with kids for some ideas.



Did you know that there is a fun run event called Parkrun! It is a five km run /walk that’s is on every Saturday in many locations around Australia and the world…and the best thing is that is free! Yes free! Also it’s really friendly and supportive towards all abilities and families are definitely welcome. Essentially you are competing against yourself each week with your times being recorded so you can keep track of your progress and watch as you get closer to achieving your goals! You have to register online, first so check out their website for more and get out there on Saturday morning!



I love the idea of Yoga and the benefits that is seems to bring to its practitioners, the problem came when I checked out the class prices. I was definitely turned off by the expense. So I searched online and guess what?… there is loads of people running Yoga sessions on YouTube! My favourite at the moment is Yoga with Adriene. She has online classes that are aimed from complete beginners all the way to the more advanced. One of the major benefits of doing this at home is that I don’t get out of my pyjamas to do the class! Also if I’m struggling at a new move, no one sees me wobble and if I want to repeat a session I can, rather then moving on!  She has lots of video’s I would suggest to scroll down to her beginners playlist if you are just starting.

bike ride

Bike ride 

If you have a bike, or can borrow one, riding is a great way to burn off some fat and improve your health. My bike was not very expensive, and is just right for riding around our area. Also keep an eye out for second hand bikes for sale especially at garage sales and thrift stores! The beauty of bike riding is that kids love to join in on the adventure and will encourage you go further and faster than you might normally would, and so yet again it becomes a family activity that everyone can enjoy. Just remember safety when you are riding, wear your helmet and if you are riding at night or dusk have reflective gear on you and your bike.



if you have a pool then you have no excuse not to swim!!! If you don’t have a pool, then local council pools are relatively cheap for entry and even more economical if you by entry in bulk. If you don’t have the stamina for swimming or the ability, try walking / running in the pool and using the water as resistance training, this in its self is very beneficial. Also think of maybe using a kick board or pool noodle to help with pool exercise.


So there is my tips for keeping healthy and fit without having to join a gym and paying a fortune in fees, which means more money to save for TRAVELLING.

How do you keep fit and healthy?

Do you do any of the tips I have given above or do you love your gym?

Safe Travels



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