Chichester State Forest: A review 12

The weekend was coming.

I felt an calling to go camping.

I put out the thought to the family.

One taker… and her dog.

chichester state forrest

This is my life at the moment. the younger kids visit their Dad every second weekend and the older girls have jobs.

But it is what it is, and I am grateful for every moment I can pack up and go!

After a short discussion it was decided, we were going to head to Chichestor State Forest for the weekend.

chichestor state forrest

Packing up the car is a breeze, the camping gear is always ready to go and the food box always has enough goodies to last us a night, so soon we were on the road with the Disney songs playlist at the ready!

The road took us through beautiful Paterson, onto a dirt road and past the rolling hills of farmlands,  negotiating a herd of friendly cows was not what I expected from this trip, but soon we were approaching the start of the Chichestor State Forest.


The graded dirt road was easy to manage in our two wheel drive, and as we drove along, trying to decided where to stop, we noticed that the forest had plenty of campers this weekend, especially around the Lady’s well area, and we wanted space. So we pushed on, finding and area in which there was nobody camped and close to the river.

chichester state forrest

We set up camp quickly, both myself, Jasmine and the Charlie ( the dog!) were keen to check out the area. This spot on the river had access to a small water hole and little rapids, that on a hot day I would have even been enticed to swim in! Charlie roamed free, off lead, climbing over the rocks and having an adventure of his own, even he was appreciating the nature that presented itself to us.


As night time came, the campfire called us. Sitting around the burning and cracking flames both Jasmine and I spoke about our travel goals, hers to travel Australia in a campervan with Charlie, and mine to travel as much as I can with the family before they all move out and on to their own adventures.

As the night wore on, we climbed into our sleeping bags, listening to the trickle of the river, smelling of campfire smoke and with dirt under our fingernails glad that we took the opportunity to travel to and camp at Chichestor State Forest.

chichester state forrest

As morning broke, we spotted some bush turkeys scavenging around the site and Willy wagtails hopping in and out of their bush hiding spots. We were in no rush to leave, so again we took Charlies led as he guided us along the track, seeing where it would take us, before returning back to camp to connect some more and start to tidy up to leave. On the way out we stopped at the ever popular Lady’s Well where some campers were taking a dip water holes of still icy Allyan river, before bidding farewell to the area.

ladys well chichestor state forrest

Its time like these, spare of the moment camping trips, ones that involve sitting around campfires, sharing our stories with each other and connecting as a family, these are the travels I will always treasure, always.

Where?: Chichester State Forest, NSW, Australia

How much?: Free

Need to know:  If you want to go to the Lady’s well, go to the right as you enter, Camp grounds are scattered around the forest so keep driving till you are happy with a site, we used our two wheel drive with ease, I’m sure you could access more of the forest in a 4wd., toilets are pit and there is no showers, you can have campfires and dogs are allowed under close supervision.

chichestor state forrest

Have you been to Chichester State Forest?

Whats your favourite part of camping?


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